Hello 2019! It’s only three days into the year and it feels like a new start. 2018 was a year high on reading, and I’ll admit, I’ve read ten pages of a book so far this year. I’m hoping to focus more on writing than reading (70 books is a lot of books). Last year I did “Coming Out in 2018.” Since none of those books came out last year, I figured I’d focus on books I’m hoping to put out in 2019.

What I'm Hoping For in 2019

Airtime & Alibis

Emily Burnet has covered some high-profile stories in her time as a reporter, but she’s never come across a story this personal. It’s been six years since Emily last saw Claire Scott in college, but now Claire has vanished in Emily’s hometown, just days before the launch of her national talk show.

Curiosity has carried Emily in her career so far, but it might be too much when Emily finds herself bargaining with Detective Austin Cooper, the lead investigator on Claire’s case. She offers him information and insight on Claire, in exchange for first dibs on new developments in the case (and maybe some unanticipated sparks.)

As Emily tries to tie the woman she knew to the woman who disappeared, she realizes the bubbly journalist everyone loved was hiding a dark private life. Curiosity has helped Emily in the past, but this time it might make her the next big headline instead.

Betrayals & Bylines

There isn’t an official blurb for this one, but it’ll be the second story involving Emily Burnet and Austin Cooper.

Cameras & Confessions

This will be the third story featuring Emily Burnet and Austin Cooper. These books are closer to short story or novella length and I’m hoping to release all three in the first half of the year.

Justice & Lies

Justice & Lies will be the third book in The Cassie Morgan Series, picking up about two years after the events of Double Played. The book will open with the trial of Brent Rossett and see Cassie testifying at court and getting sucked into the investigation of a copycat murderer. This book and the follow up will have a darker tone than anything I’ve written before.

Hit List

Hit List, the fourth book, will start hours after Justie & Lies ends, and will finish out this narrative for Cassie Morgan. Previous drafts of the story have found Cassie in England and I look forward to seeing how she does as a fish out of water. While this won’t be the last Cassie Morgan book, it does feel like a pause in the story.

2019 is going to be a busy year and I’m hoping to make it my most successful year yet as a writer. Here in the next two months, I’m hoping to have the cover reveal for Airtime & Alibis and to release it. As always, I encourage you to sign up for the newsletter to get the latest news first!