Every month in 2019, I want to do a recap of my writing – to be accountable to myself and let others know what my writing is really looking like these days. For the Love of Words used to cover both reading and writing, but starting this month, reading will get its own recap. So today, to mark the start of a new month, let’s talk about January.

For the Love of Words - January 2019

As I mentioned last week, January was a busy month in my life. Big changes in my day job, a move (and all the changes that go with that) and finally, last weekend, I felt like it was time to start editing.

I started last weekend and the first section felt really solid, I felt proud of what I had. Then I went to the second part and began cutting through the unnecessary parts, as this is supposed to be a short story. As I plan to make this a series of short stories, I’ve had to lean back on some of the character development that I want to save for future books.

Either way, after almost two months of a break, I’m feeling more confident about my writing. The first section feels tight and clean, but still sets up the story nicely. I love that this series is in Austin, where I live.

While I still don’t know what 2019 will hold, I’m thinking that if the rest of this book goes as well in editing as the first 10,000 words went, this will be out in the first quarter. After two and a half years without a release, it feels good to say that out loud – or at least out to the internet.

For once, I feel like that might actually happen and it’s super cool to feel confident in my writing.

January Stats

Title: Airtime and Alibis
Status: final edits
Words in the month: 6,582


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