For a long time, I used to do monthly goals on my personal blog. I’m no longer blogging over there, but the personal goals are a great way to keep myself accountable and share some of the things I’m working on – not just fo my books, but in my day-to-day life.

My September Goals

If you’re a member of the newsletter, you probably already read the email about everything coming up in my life these days. Lots of birthdays, trips, and weddings! And somewhere in between I’m going to be launching at least one book, possibly two. #crazylady

Writing a book and living a life that’s fulfilling both take some planning. I’m an excessive planner, planning book releases out months in advance. Now, these dates constantly change but I always love to have a date in mind. Because of this, it’s important to plan constantly and make goals and deadlines to meet. So, without anything else to do, here are my goals for September.

September Goals

Personal Goals

Personal goals are goals about my everyday life – things I need to get done, health goals, and anything friends or family-related.

  • Buy at least one wedding present for the wedding in October
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week (preferably in the morning)
  • log every day in My Fitness Pal (The app I use with my dietician)
  • lose 7 pounds

Career and Money Goals

Career and money goals focus on my long goal to save money (and failing at it) plus where I want to go in my career. 

  • Actually hit my 60% threshold for my job to get the bonus (I work in chat sales for an internet company and missed the 60% goal by less than a percent in August)
  • No Spend Month (this means no going shopping on the weekends, besides for groceries. I tend to spend a lot of my money on the weekends and I need to knock that off to save money for a variety of things)
  • Make one big credit card payment
  • Save $350 (outside of the 20% of the paycheck that goes to savings automatically)
  • Make a payment for the cruise I’m going on in May 2020

Writing Goals

These should be pretty self-explanatory!

  • finish the current round of edits on Cameras and Confessions
  • send this draft to my three ladies
  • Last round of edits for Bullets and Bylines
  • format Bullets and Bylines
  • get the cover done for Cameras and Confessions
  • finish the content calendar for 2019
  • grow my newsletter to 50 people (you can join below)

The more I do these posts, the more you’ll get to see who I am beyond a writer – that’s kind of an overall goal I have for the next few months, to share more about myself as a person, a woman in my twenties, than just as an author. Don’t worry though, there will still be plenty of book posts.