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Back in college, in one of my marketing classes, we learned about the adapter scale for new products. I don’t remember any of the specifics, but I remember that I was 100% an early adapter. When it comes to technology, especially trying apps, I love getting in there early and trying out new things. While I love trying out new apps, there are a few true and steady apps I use every day to manage my life – as a woman and as an author.

Apps I Use as an Author

Apps I Use as an Author

1. Scrivener – Scrivener has been my go-to writing application since the summer I graduated high school. In fact, when I got my first laptop for college, I bought Scrivener for the computer before I purchased Microsoft Word. That was eight, nine years ago and I still use this app. I have the iOS app, too, and even after all this time, I still don’t feel like I fully use this app to the best of its ability. In fact, I know I don’t. When anyone asks me about getting serious as a writer, I recommend this app. All of my novels have been written and formatted in this app and it’s my favorite.

2. – This is a newer one I’m using, but I’m really focusing on increasing my social media game. allows you to schedule Instagram posts. Most of my Instagram posts are pre-scheduled because I’m at work. I like this app because it’s super easy to schedule stuff and then forget about it. Because there are so many parts to being an indie author, anything I can automate early is a win-win for me.

3. SmarterQueue This is a lot like but for Facebook and Twitter. I used this for my personal blog originally but I’ve since stopped blogging there to focus on my writing. So SmarterQueue will also focus on my writing. This application allows you to “recycle” posts, so I can put a promotional thing (like a blog post) in the queue and it will continue to share it in a bank until I tell it to stop.

4. – If you followed my old blog, you probably knew I was a big Evernote fan. 2019 has been a year of change and I no longer use Evernote. I’ve been using an app called Notion for the past few months and it’s so incredibly versatile I can use it for both life and my writing. I keep a calendar in there with links to blog posts, I keep general information for books (back cover copy, links to important pages online, and reviews). Even at work, I usually have it open in the background on my computer.

5. My planner – This isn’t really an application, but I keep just about everything in this planner. Not only does my day-to-day life get a section, where I list to-dos, plans, and important appointments, my writing does too. I have an entire second planner in here for my writing. Book deadlines, release dates, and social media schedules. I love a paper planner because I can take it anywhere, even if I don’t want to take my computer. I also feel better marking things down to know I got things done.

I use a lot of tools to manage my life and half my life is manging my writing career and profile. Given how much I love new technology, it’s fun to share how that merges into my life day-to-day.