September flew by so fast and I’m surprised that we’re already in October. I’ve talked about it before in brief, but I’m almost done with writing for the year. I’m currently in a waiting pattern while both Bullets and Bylines and Cameras and Confessions are with readers. While I wait for them, I don’t really want to make changes.

September flew by so fast and I'm surprised that we're already in October. I've talked about it before in brief, but

So September was a lot of not writing. I finished my last round of edits of Cameras and Confessions the first weekend of the month and since then, I’ve done a lot more thinking than writing. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say I didn’t write – I wrote a lot of content that doesn’t belong in a book. Emails, plot ideas, website copy and social media captions – I wrote it all.

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My mind is wandering back to Cassie Morgan a lot lately and logistically, it doesn’t make sense to go back yet. I’m hoping to go back to her in November for NaNoWriMo, but a lot of that depends on how October goes. It’s so hard to wait around and see what will happen, to get feedback and implement it. I’m ready for these books to be out in the world, to get back to Cassie Morgan.

I’ll admit, right now, my 2020 plans include two Cassie Morgan books and after that, I have nothing. It’s a weird feeling to see the end of the line as far as books I definitely know I’m publishing. Now, I know I’ll come back to both Emily and Cassie after this round of edits, but there’s nothing set in stone.

This month was pretty light on writing while I wait, and sometimes, waiting is all you can do.