Thirty-one days can change a lot of things, including goals. At my day job, we got an email Monday from the CEO reminding us that we only make the transition to work from home two weeks ago. It’s been a long two weeks and when it was time to sit down and make my April goals, I had a lot of giggles looking at some of the goals that I had.

Like the gym. Y’all the gym isn’t even open anymore.

I leave my house once a week to go to the grocery store. If I need to get out, I go to the patio where I have a little table and chairs and some stringed up lights, and I’ve been spending at least 3 or 4 nights a week out here, writing until it’s dark or I need to charge my computer. It’s a nice little escape from the closed in walls of my apartment.

However, when it came to making goals for this month, it was a little bit more unique.

April 2020 Goals

March goals seem so silly now.

March Goals

personal goals

living will
update my Power of Attorney
finish estate planning
donate more clothes
log into my fitness pal everyday
lose weight
go to the gym 10x
sell books
car registration
car inspection

work goals

work some weekend OT
hit 90% at work
save $1000

Woohoo, I hit all the goals!

writing and reading goals

Justice and Lies draft
10,000 word day
Hit List outline
Emily Burnet 3-in-1
Total Money Makeover
American Royals
finish Golden in Death
socials every days

Some of my goals are still pretty standard for April but there are definitely some still missing. The week we went to work from home, I broke my toe. It’s doing much better but between that and being locked in a house, I definitely feel stiff. I ordered a yoga mat on amazon this weekend and it should arrive today.

I have never done yoga in my life, but I am so desperate for some kind of movement. I’ve made it a goal this week to stretch every day just to loosen up.

So what are my goals in April?

personal goals

Stretch every day
Update power of attorney
Create your living will
Log into My Fitness Pal
Car inspection (maybe – Texas is waiving these until COVID-19 is not so big a threat)
Car registration – see above

Organize kitchen
organize bathroom
organize closet

work and money goals

Hit 100%
Work more weekend OT
Save money now that I can’t go to target every week
Actually work in my budget planner every week

writing and reading goals

Finish Justice and Lies
Hit List outline
Get back into blogging and social media
Finish American Royals
Finish the Secret Thoughts of Successful Women
Total Money Makeover
Plan out more email newsletters
3-in-1 paperback


Staying at home and focusing my house and creativity should hopefully be a good balance for the month as I try to not go crazy.