April feels like a blur and not in a good way. It was the first full month of working from home, but there have been many days that I’ve climbed onto the couch after work to just sit there. I’ve learned in quarantine that my productivity is totally shot and motivation is scarce. With summer around the corner, I’m trying to take as much time as I can now outside however I can get it.

May Goals

I spent some money at the beginning of March before this got really bad to get some patio furniture and I am so glad I did. I’m spending lunch out there, an hour every night before sunset and the bugs get really bad. I have a screen so I can pop the patio door in and let in some fresh air.

I had no idea those things would make such a big difference a month and a half into quarantine and social distancing.

April was so up and down, I didn’t put too much pressure to finish goals, it was all about surviving not thriving. But now with May, Texas is opening back up (I am still staying in my house, I have no need to be a pioneer in this new world, I’ll wait and follow) I feel like I need to drag myself out of this funk and actually do something.

Looking at my April goals, I don’t think I actually looked at my goals sheet at all this month. Oops.

personal goals

Stretch every day
Update power of attorney
Create your living will
Log into My Fitness Pal
Car inspection (maybe – Texas is waiving these until COVID-19 is not so big a threat)
Car registration – see above

Organize kitchen
organize bathroom
organize closet

work and money goals

Hit 100%
Work more weekend OT
Save money now that I can’t go to target every week
Actually work in my budget planner every week

writing and reading goals

Finish Justice and Lies
Hit List outline
Get back into blogging and social media
Finish American Royals
Finish the Secret Thoughts of Successful Women
Total Money Makeover
Plan out more email newsletters
3-in-1 paperback

I did get some things done on my list that have been there for a while, like the 3-in-1 paperback. Which is expected to arrive at my place tomorrow, but I ordered it in April. Once I get the chance to go through and look through it all, I’ll be making a bit more a formal announcement about the book but it’ll be exciting to have this out in the world!

So for May, I’m feeling a little ambitious and I know I won’t get all of these done but I’m hoping for some success.

May goals

personal goals

  • lose some weight
  • actually log into My Fitness Pal
  • go on a walk 2-3 times a week
  • Return my current mattress
  • set up new mattress
  • donate clothes to goodwill when they open back up
  • yoga 3 times a week
  • Finish my movie marathon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (I’m watching them in chronological order)
  • 4 day Memorial Day weekend
  • If Covid is not too bad, possibly go see my parents for Memorial Day.
  • Get a Mother’s Day gift for my mom
  • Get a birthday present for my brother

Work and Money Goals

  • Hit 100% even if they raise the goal
  • Weekend OT at least one weekend
  • Save More Money
  • Continue budget planner

Writing Goals

  • Finish Justice and Lies
  • Work on the Hit List outline
  • Work through the Self-Publishing 101 course
  • Focus on growing my facebook group
  • Also focus on growing my mailing list

Reading Goals

  • Finish The Silent Patient
  • The Winter Sister
  • The Last Time I Lied
  • Stranger in the House

Like I said, there is a lot happening here but I’m ready for this new month to happen and to have a good month. I know there are many things not in my control (none of us have control over a pandemic, we only have control over how we act) but I need to make the best of what I can.