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Long before I found my imagination and love for writing, I still loved words. Reading was my gateway before I even knew what a gateway was. Reading has been a love that’s come down at least two generations from my nana to my mom and now me.For the Love of Books: May 2020

In times like this were there are such big events going on in the world that I feel like I can’t contribute to to make better or worse, or even when I’m struggling personally, I’ve always noticed that I start reading more and more.

Right now, I’m on a reading kick. I finished three books in about ten days, almost and kept going. This time it snuck up on me and I wasn’t really anticipating it, but it was nice.

Most of April, like the first two weeks, I spent reading The Silent Patient. The book has a cool twist at the end but I found the narrator to be a bit insufferable. It was an okay book and I know lots of people loved it, but I wanted more about the patient, not the narrator.

However, this was the weakest read out of all of them and it was still a decent book. After that, I read The Last Time I Lied. This book came home with me during my trip for Memorial Day Weekend. It took me four days to get to page 100 while I was at my apartment here in Austin and then two days to finish the other 290 pages because I sat on my parents’ couch all weekend talking and reading.

Originally I was planning to read A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena, but when i was packing to go home, I grabbed a different book from her, Someone We Know. I read that one in three days and half of it in a massage chair at the nail salon. Shari Lapena has quickly become one of my favorite authors in the last year and A Stranger in the House is the last book I have from her to read.

This month I’ll be tackling a few different reads. First up in a nonfiction book, Bad Blood, about Theranos. After that, I’ll be reading the Unsub series and I’m looking to read White Fragility. It’s about white people talking about race. I grew up in a really white suburb, so as a kid, I didn’t talk about race as a real, living thing. Race and racism were a part of history class and the more racism becomes so obvious both in the world and just as me growing up and becoming an adult, I know I need to learn more and learn how to be better than just “not racist.”

I love reading as a great escapism but I also know reading is one of the most powerful tools we have in educating ourselves.