#throwbackthursday: Bad Example

Everyone knows what #throwbackthursday is, right? While it the hashtag is designed for photos, why not make it for ideas and stories, too? Over this past weekend, I was trying to do some digital cleaning and going through some old ideas. I have a few that I’ve kept close to my heart, like Snatched (an inkpop book) and Super Ordinary, a book I still might go back and write. However, I found a synopsis this weekend from high school and I wanted to share, just for the laughs. So here is Bad Example.



Two years after she was arrested for the murder of her mother, Nicole “Nikki” Robinson has been acquitted of the murder, much to the dismay of the public.
Freedom comes with a price. She’s thrown out into the world with no home. People are sending her death threats across the country. The media and the public wrote her off as “guilty” long before the trial. Everywhere she goes, she’s met by hatred and disgust.
Nikki realizes the only way anyone will ever leave her alone is to finally put the doubt to rest and find out who killed her mother that night. It’s a dangerous decision; she soon discovers when she’s the target of multiple assassination attempts.
Against the protests of the public, she’s soon under protective watch to save her life and keep her from digging into the past, but she refuses to let it go until she finds the killer.  With the help from her lawyer’s son, Chas, she must find out who the killer is because now it’s obvious her life is in danger whether she investigates the murder or not.

I don’t remember exactly when Bad Example was an idea rolling in my head, but it had to have been my senior year after the Casey Anthony trial because this is screaming inspiration from that with the idea that someone would be accquited of murder.

At one point, if I remember correctly, her name was Brooke. I think I changed it when I found out my college roommate was named Brooke.

While this was a fun idea at the time, I can’t see myself going back to this any time soon. I’ve got a full schedule writing wise for the next few years and I can’t imagine coming back to an idea that was just a little implausable. There’ll be other opportunities for me to visit trials and courtrooms in other stories. Then again, never say never, but I figured it would be fun to share a little something I thought I was going to write in high school.

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Apps I Use as an Author

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Back in college, in one of my marketing classes, we learned about the adapter scale for new products. I don’t remember any of the specifics, but I remember that I was 100% an early adapter. When it comes to technology, especially trying apps, I love getting in there early and trying out new things. While I love trying out new apps, there are a few true and steady apps I use every day to manage my life – as a woman and as an author.

Apps I Use as an Author

Apps I Use as an Author

1. Scrivener – Scrivener has been my go-to writing application since the summer I graduated high school. In fact, when I got my first laptop for college, I bought Scrivener for the computer before I purchased Microsoft Word. That was eight, nine years ago and I still use this app. I have the iOS app, too, and even after all this time, I still don’t feel like I fully use this app to the best of its ability. In fact, I know I don’t. When anyone asks me about getting serious as a writer, I recommend this app. All of my novels have been written and formatted in this app and it’s my favorite.

2. Later.com – This is a newer one I’m using, but I’m really focusing on increasing my social media game. Later.com allows you to schedule Instagram posts. Most of my Instagram posts are pre-scheduled because I’m at work. I like this app because it’s super easy to schedule stuff and then forget about it. Because there are so many parts to being an indie author, anything I can automate early is a win-win for me.

3. SmarterQueue This is a lot like Later.com but for Facebook and Twitter. I used this for my personal blog originally but I’ve since stopped blogging there to focus on my writing. So SmarterQueue will also focus on my writing. This application allows you to “recycle” posts, so I can put a promotional thing (like a blog post) in the queue and it will continue to share it in a bank until I tell it to stop.

4. Notion.so – If you followed my old blog, you probably knew I was a big Evernote fan. 2019 has been a year of change and I no longer use Evernote. I’ve been using an app called Notion for the past few months and it’s so incredibly versatile I can use it for both life and my writing. I keep a calendar in there with links to blog posts, I keep general information for books (back cover copy, links to important pages online, and reviews). Even at work, I usually have it open in the background on my computer.

5. My planner – This isn’t really an application, but I keep just about everything in this planner. Not only does my day-to-day life get a section, where I list to-dos, plans, and important appointments, my writing does too. I have an entire second planner in here for my writing. Book deadlines, release dates, and social media schedules. I love a paper planner because I can take it anywhere, even if I don’t want to take my computer. I also feel better marking things down to know I got things done.

I use a lot of tools to manage my life and half my life is manging my writing career and profile. Given how much I love new technology, it’s fun to share how that merges into my life day-to-day.


For the Love of Writing: August 2019

August should be the last month of Summer, but I live in Texas so summer is still here. Summer might be here until my birthday in November (which I’m okay with). Over the past year, I’ve realized the seasons don’t really effect my attempts to write every day.

For the Love of Words

In winter, I’m too cold to write and spend all night curled up in bed (or did last winter, at least) and now that it’s summer and it’s brutally hot, I’m slow and sluggish and struggling to make the commitment to my desk.

You see, I am 1000 times more productive sitting at my desk than I do in bed. Last fall, I moved in temporarily with my grandparents and lost my desk. After dinner at night, I’d go into bed and stay there, huddled under blankets, reading.

When it came time to move, I’d lost the habit of going home and getting to my desk to get work done. Nine months later, I’m still struggling with this. In fact, last night, after a work event, I came home and crawled into bed at 9:30 and just sat there for another hour.

And that’s a part of why it’s taken me longer to get these last two books out this year than I thought (along with a few other things). But I made significant headway in August, all for the love of writing.

In august, I got two rounds of drafts done. At the beginning of the month, I finished another round with Cameras and Confessions. This might be the most solid book I’ve ever written from the get-go and I’m excited for it to go to my readers to see if they agree.

I spent most of the month working on Bullets and Bylines though and just sent it to my three ladies who read my books last weekend.

At this point, I’m moving through both drafts pretty quickly and suspect I’ll be done with writing for the year sometime in September. At least with books I plan to publish this year. I’m not sure what I’ll do after publishing Camera and Confessions, but we’ll see.


For the Love of Reading: August 2019

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Reading, like everything else, comes and goes throughout life and I’ll admit, I’m on shakey ground this year. August’s books showed the difference in my reading styles, one took a month and a half to read and the other I read in under a week. Yes, I only read two books this past month. My to-read list continues to grow and I have a stack on my nighstand to prove it.

For the Love of Books

For the Love of Books

1. Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty – This is the newest book from the author of Big Little Lies. Y’all this is a big book! It’s almost 500 pages! Unfortunately, the entire plot really takes place in the last 150 pages, which is why I think it took me so long to read. There is a lot of time spent setting up the story and by the time you get to the story, you don’t realize it. I’ll admit, the ending was pretty solid and was satisfying, but unlink Big Little Lies,k I don’t know that I’ll be re-reading it any time soon. It’s a decent book and I definitely recommend it to those who like a slow burn.

2. An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena – Confession, out of the four books she’s written, I have two sitting on my bookshelves waiting patiently to be read. This wasn’t one of them. Then one of my managers at work asked if I read it, and when I said no, it magically appeared on my desk the next day. Let me just say – if her other books are this good, she is going to be a favorite author in no time.

This book is short, about 300 pages. The chapters are short too, which help speed things along and I read this in a few days. Mulitple POVs were a little hard at first to follow but by the end of the book, I was shocked by the perpetrator of the crimes. She did a great job of balancing moving the story forward and revealing information about each character’s past. Highly recommend this as a great book to read on a weekend – you’ll read it that fast.

While I only got two books in this last month, I’m really focusing on reading every night before going to bed. I’m currently reading Little Fires Everywhere and I know I’ll read that quickly to get to my next read – Vendetta in Death.

Tell me, what’s on your reading list lately?

September 2019 Goals

For a long time, I used to do monthly goals on my personal blog. I’m no longer blogging over there, but the personal goals are a great way to keep myself accountable and share some of the things I’m working on – not just fo my books, but in my day-to-day life.

My September Goals

If you’re a member of the newsletter, you probably already read the email about everything coming up in my life these days. Lots of birthdays, trips, and weddings! And somewhere in between I’m going to be launching at least one book, possibly two. #crazylady

Writing a book and living a life that’s fulfilling both take some planning. I’m an excessive planner, planning book releases out months in advance. Now, these dates constantly change but I always love to have a date in mind. Because of this, it’s important to plan constantly and make goals and deadlines to meet. So, without anything else to do, here are my goals for September.

September Goals

Personal Goals

Personal goals are goals about my everyday life – things I need to get done, health goals, and anything friends or family-related.

  • Buy at least one wedding present for the wedding in October
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week (preferably in the morning)
  • log every day in My Fitness Pal (The app I use with my dietician)
  • lose 7 pounds

Career and Money Goals

Career and money goals focus on my long goal to save money (and failing at it) plus where I want to go in my career. 

  • Actually hit my 60% threshold for my job to get the bonus (I work in chat sales for an internet company and missed the 60% goal by less than a percent in August)
  • No Spend Month (this means no going shopping on the weekends, besides for groceries. I tend to spend a lot of my money on the weekends and I need to knock that off to save money for a variety of things)
  • Make one big credit card payment
  • Save $350 (outside of the 20% of the paycheck that goes to savings automatically)
  • Make a payment for the cruise I’m going on in May 2020

Writing Goals

These should be pretty self-explanatory!

  • finish the current round of edits on Cameras and Confessions
  • send this draft to my three ladies
  • Last round of edits for Bullets and Bylines
  • format Bullets and Bylines
  • get the cover done for Cameras and Confessions
  • finish the content calendar for 2019
  • grow my newsletter to 50 people (you can join below)

The more I do these posts, the more you’ll get to see who I am beyond a writer – that’s kind of an overall goal I have for the next few months, to share more about myself as a person, a woman in my twenties, than just as an author. Don’t worry though, there will still be plenty of book posts.


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