• For the Love of Books: May 2020

    For the Love of Books: May 2020

    This post contains affiliate links that support this author. You can read more here. Long before I found my imagination and love for writing, I still loved words. Reading was my gateway before I even knew what a gateway was. Reading has been a love that’s come down at least two generations from my nana…

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  • June 2020 Goals

    June Goals

    Summer is finally here and in Texas, that finally means a real reason to stay inside because it’s too hot to go outside. I’m not usually one to enjoy the swimming pool but I really want to jump into the pool because I can’t. Instead, I’m still in my apartment, constantly telling myself I don’t…

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  • Living Alone in a Pandemic

    Living Alone in a Pandemic

    This week marks two months since I started working from home and when things involving the pandemic, things really got serious. The whole pandemic has me thinking about a lot of different things – being an introvert, isolation, depression, gratitude, survival. I’m living alone during a pandemic. And I don’t think I will ever truly…

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  • For the Love of Words: April 2020

    For the Love of Words

    Three months ago, had you told me I’d still be working on the same book, I would have laughed. Yet, I am still working on Justice and Lies and I’m really only halfway through. Writing comes in bursts and they don’t last long. Multiple times this week, after work, I’ve tried to sit down with a goal…

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  • For the Love of Books: April 2020

    For the Love of Books

    This post contains affiliate links which help support this indie author to not additional cost to your purchase. You can learn more here.  Quarantine is a weird life, y’all. I talked last week about the funk I’ve been in, but if there was something I was not in, it was a reading funk. In the…

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  • May Goals

    April feels like a blur and not in a good way. It was the first full month of working from home, but there have been many days that I’ve climbed onto the couch after work to just sit there. I’ve learned in quarantine that my productivity is totally shot and motivation is scarce. With summer…

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