• For the Love of Words: January 2018

    For the Love of Words: January 2018

    This post contains affiliate links, which help support this indie author.  I know we’re already more than halfway through the first month of the new year, but I figure better late than never. Last year, I started doing quarterly updates on both my writing life and my reading life. Now that I’m reading more and…

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  • Coming in 2018

    Coming in 2018

    A new year is here and it feels so nice. Often times, I feel the new year can be hard for me, but this one is different. I feel like I’m in a good place. Especially after the last two years, which were rough, I’m feeling optimistic – and that goes for my writing as well.…

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  • My Year in 2017: Writing Edition

    Hello end of the year! 2017 was a insane year for me, but throughout it all, I still had my writing. This year didn’t quite end up the way I thought it would. The year was spent working on two books – two books I thought would be out by now. Justice & Lies is…

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  • My Year in 2017: Reading Edition

    This post contains affiliate links. Purchases through these links help support an indie author business.  Every successful writer must be a reader first. For me, it was my love for reading books that inspired me to start writing. Back in college, I lost touch with reading for fun. I graduated in 2015, but 2016 didn’t…

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