• April Goals

    April 2020 Goals

    Thirty-one days can change a lot of things, including goals. At my day job, we got an email Monday from the CEO reminding us that we only make the transition to work from home two weeks ago. It’s been a long two weeks and when it was time to sit down and make my April…

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  • The Binge Watch List

    The Binge Watch List

    I didn’t originally plan to take the whole month of March off from blog posts here but I think we can all agree that March was not what we anticipated. Besides three trips to the grocery store, I haven’t left my apartment in two or more weeks as I’ve been social distancing. Working from home…

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  • For the Love of Words: February 2020

    For the Love of Words

    Just like For the Love of Books, I skipped this for January because I didn’t write anything and because I was sick. So everything in this post is really about both January and February. There’s something scary about going to a book series and a world after years. I did a little bit with NaNoWriMo…

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  • For the Love of Books: February 2020

    For the Love of Books

    This post contains affiliate links that help this indie author. I skipped this segment in February for my January recap because I was sick and I read a book but didn’t finish it, so this is really a combination of the first two months of 2020. I spent most of January either packing for a…

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  • March Goals

    March Goals

    If February was a person, it would have whooped my ass. Actually it still did and it’s not human. There are four full weeks in February and I’ve been sick with something (whether a stomach bug, a cold, or just terrible allergies) all four of those weeks. So this month feels like a blur. I…

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