Bullets and Bylines Cover Reveal

We are so close to the release of another book, y’all.

How close is this close?

Well today, I have a book cover for you and more information about Bullets and Bylines! This is the second book featuring Emily Burnet, a journalist in Austin, Texas.

Bullets and Bylines Cover Reveal

Out of the three books for Emily that are coming out this year, I found Bullets and Bylines to be the hardest one, maybe out of fear of the second book. In this book, I explored more of failing to be a decent friend but how to support friends the best way you can.

The other big difference when writing this book wasn’t even in the book, but in my life. Every book I’ve written has a bit of romance, I’ve got a sweet spot for it in my reading and writing. But until I wrote this book earlier this year, I hadn’t had any romance in my own life. I don’t think the influence is obvious in the writing (or maybe I’m wrong) but it was a new experience to write these moments having someone in my own life.

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Either way, it’s exciting to share this book with you.

Bullets and Bylines

Sixteen year-old Anna Martinez has gone missing from her high school and the police know just who took her: her principal. 

Journalist Emily Burnet has spent the last six months insisting she was in the right place at the right time when it came to helping Austin Police Department find national talk-show host Claire Scott. Since then, Emily’s tried to focus on her job – tell the story, not be a part of the story.

When Emily’s best friend, Rosa, comes to her, upset over a moment she witnessed between her student and her boss, Emily knows exactly who her friend needs to call – Detective Austin Cooper.

Emily makes a deal with Austin, one she’s made before, to be his source so she can keep Rosa in the loop and write the story for her job. If only keeping her feelings in check were as easy as helping her friend.

The clock counts down as they try to find the girl and Emily might have to make some long term choices about her career and where it’s taking her lately.

Happy Birthday, Double Played

Today marks three years since this book out on Kindle. While I still have a lot more in common with twenty-two-year-old Laura than I do with sixteen-year-old Laura, life has still changed almost completely.

Happy Birthday Double Played

When double played came out, I was in the middle of one of the roughest points of my life. I was in what I thought was my dream job (outside of writing full time) working in digital advertising for political campaigns. I didn’t have the necessary support to develop in this and made a lot of mistakes. I constantly feared losing my job from just not knowing. Typos were the end of the world at this job (while they’re not fun, typos are not the end of the goddamn world, y’all) and it got to the point where I became so afraid of my writing abilities, I had panic attacks over typos.

So publishing this book, knowing there would be a typo somewhere (probably still haven’t found it either), that some kind of miracle to me because it would have been so easy to tell myself I couldn’t publish it.

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Of course, after I published the book, it took me two and a half years to publish another one. I still haven’t published a sequel to this book. That’s okay, though, because the sequel is coming in 2020 and I’m so excited to get back to the character and the series.

Until then, today’s a day to celebrate because publishing this book was a feat. Every book is, but that will be the hardest book I’ll probably ever publish. Happy Birthday, Double Played. You’re my little trouble child but I still love you.

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Bullets and Bylines Sneak Peek

It’s time to hunker down and get the wheels grinding again. Y’all, I am almost done with writing books for the year! The next two books will be out before my birthday in November, which means two books in three months. Crazy? You bet, but I’m ready for this. I’ll be breaking down everything going on soon (both with books and in my regular life) but for now, I just want to share something with you. Something pretty awesome.

Sneak Peek for Bullets and Bylines

A sneak peek! In the next few weeks, you should expect to see more and more about the next two books in the Emily Burnet series – Bullets and Bylines and then Cameras and Confessions.

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For now though, you can read the first sneak peek of Bullet and Bylines today!

Read the Sneak Peek Now!

Websites to Help You Grow as a Writer

Writing is a joy I’ve had in my life for over a decade now. At twenty-five, that’s a significant part of my life and over the years I’ve learned about writing as a craft and my writing. Since high school, I’ve founded a creative writing club in high school, had my first novel reviewed by a HarperCollins editor when I was a junior in high school, and my minor in college was creative writing.

So while I’ve had a lot of school learning about creative writing, I’m also big on self-learning. The internet is a fantastic way to teach yourself about subjects you want to learn about. I don’t do craft-discussions here but people always ask me for writing advice. I’m not one to give out advice like that, but today I wanted to share some websites that are dedicated to helping you learn more about the craft of writing.

Websites to Help You Grow as a Writer

Websites to Help you Grow as a Writer

1. Writerology

As someone who writes mysteries that always have a crime involved, I’ve long been interested in the psychology of committing crimes and just of people. Faye has an entire website dedicated to this kind of thing, about really focusing on the characters and the thought process of them all. If you’re looking for a website that will really make you think about your characters’ motives, this is it. Visit Writerology.net here.

2. Briana Morgan

I’ve been following Briana on Twitter for years now but I only recently started reading some of her old blog posts. Not only does she do blog posts to help you with writing, she also has a YouTube channel if that’s more your style. Visit Briana Morgan here.

3. Helping Writers Become Authors

If you want to get serious about your writing, this is a website you must check out. K.M. Weiland is an award-winning author and the topics on her blog are pretty-wide ranging. There are so many posts on here, if there is something you want to know more about, you’ll probably find it here. You can visit Helping Writers Become Authors here.

4. Jenny Bravo Books

If you want a good look at what it’s like to be an indie author, Jenny Bravo has a great series of posts that documented the lead up to her debut novel, These are the Moments. She has a ton of other great content, but These are the Moments came out just a few months before my debut novel, The Assassin, did. So these posts hold a lot of meaning to me as they gave me a glimpse of what I was about to experience. You can visit Jenny Bravo Books here.

5. well-storied

I found Kristen and her blog back when I was in college and the lady knows her stuff. She covers a wide variety of topics, from creating believable characters to different methods of handling multiple stories and drafts at the same time. If it involves writing, she’s probably discussed the topic on her blog before. She also has a great twitter chat every Wednesday night, #storysocial, that you can participate in to learn more about writing in real-time. You can visit well-storied here.

6. Little Novelist

Rhianne and I talk on a regular basis, like every week at least (I’m terrible at responding, sorry hun!). Not only does she give great writing advice, she does author interviews and book reviews, so you can also find your next great read. As a writer, youl should be a reader first, so Rhianne’s site serves you on both ends. You can visit Little Novelist here.

Honorable Metion: ginger and co.

This happens to be my other site, and I covered a  lot of topics about writing over the years. Some of my favorite posts include “Why You Should Make Your Character Do Shitty Things” and “Why I Put My Main Character in Therapy.

There are hundreds of writing websites to find information and take your craft to the next level, there’s no way to successfully list them all. These happen to be my favorites and if you start here, I promise you’ll be in good hands.


Outside of Writing

If you know me, you know I have been writing for a long time. I wrote the first draft of The Assassin when I was in eighth grade. I was thirteen at the time and I’m celebrating my twenty-sixth birthday in November. That’s literally half of my life (almost). While most of what I talk about here is book-related, there are plenty of other things I do in my life besides writing books. I have a few other interests and I’m currently doing a lot of other things in my life, so I wanted to share what I do besides writing.

Outside of Writing

1. I have a weird love for severe weather

Having grown up in tornado alley and still living in Texas to this day, I’ve seen some weird weather in my life. While I never want anyone to die because of severe weather, I love watching the coverage. If you’ve ever had a tornado near you, you’ve probably witnessed your local meteorologists interrupt TV to provide information about the storm. Watching this coverage is a bit of a pass-time for me. Whether the tornadoes are here in Texas, Alabama, or Wisconsin (they had some this past weekend), if I can find coverage, I’ll watch it. Other people binge Netflix shows, I binge tornado coverage.

2. Building Websites

Before I started writing novels or even taking it seriously, I had a love for building websites. In high school, I took a coding class and I wish I would have stuck with it. I still love tinkering with websites, so when you see things change around here, that’s why. Expect another change by the end of the year.

I still love creating dummy websites to design and play and test new things with. It’s a weird creative expression I don’t often get out.

3. I am a planner

I love, love, love writing things down in my planner. I use the Happy Planner, which allows you to add pages and customize your planner. I have a section designed for content and book deadlines and I’m currently working to make plans for the rest of the year to bring more content like this to my website.

4. Country Music is 80% of what I listen to

What else do I listen to? Some pop and R&B and Broadway musicals. But mostly country.

5. Reading is still my favorite thing to do in my free time

I get teased by friends because I’m always suggesting when they’re bored, they should read a book. Most just laugh at me for loving it, but my house is full of books. When it’s time to move, packing up my books is the worst part of the process.

Outside of writing, I do a lot of other things to take up my free time outside of my day job. What are some of your favorite pasttimes?

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