Meet Emily Burnet

Back in 2016, when I was getting ready to release Double Played, the second book in The Cassie Morgan Series, I wrote a post that introduced my main character, Cassie, to people who weren’t familiar with her story. Now that I’m preparing to release the second book in my second book series in the next month, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to my other main character – Emily Burnet.

The process of creating Emily was such a different process from creating Cassie. When I first started writing Cassie’s story, I was fourteen and didn’t know how to make characters stand on their own. Cassie gets a lot of herself from me. Emily stands out more.

Now, I’m a believer that we give a little bit of ourselves to all our main characters, and Emily is no different. We both have lived in Texas (Austin specifically) and Emily’s hometown of Anna, Texas is about thirty miles from my hometown of Flower Mound, Texas.

Emily’s a journalist at a news station here in Austin, reporting stories before she gets caught up in trying to solve them. It’s a new angle to explore for solving a crime – something more hands-off than actual law enforcement but still almost as vital. Without journalists, there would be no one to get the story out to the public.

Emily happens to be one of the sweeter characters I’ve written. While Cassie has a healthy dose of snark, Emily doesn’t. That was one big difference I struggled to really capture. While Emily is much nicer than Cassie is to people, there’s this point I feel I need to emphasize – she’s nicer, sweeter, sure, but she’s still a strong woman with flaws.

Over the past few years, I’ve realized that writing strong women that are flawed and multi-dimensional, that’s become my underlining mission – to create real women. This wasn’t always my mission with writing stories, or at least I didn’t realize it.

Emily and Cassie are both – strong, flawed, independent (to a fault – they both get that from me) but at the same time, personality-wise they’re different.

Emily Burnet is the kind of woman you’d be friends with, easily. With her job, it was important to make her likable in a way that Cassie Morgan wouldn’t be.

If you’re wanting a lighter, more fun mystery series, Emily’s series is definitely for you. The first book shows her trying to navigate an aspect of a story she hasn’t experienced before – the law enforcement side.

This second book that I’m currently working on sees Emily trying to focus on her job and just work while moving past the events of the first book. There are also timely situations in regards to #metoo and topics of the same.

This book series has come together so fast and I’ve loved getting to know Emily and I hope you will, too.

For the Love of Words: Quarter Two Recap

When I did my first writing recap for 2019, I said I wanted to do these every month to hold myself accountable. Considering I haven’t done one since then, I’d say that didn’t work. That being said, this second quarter was an odd one for writing, as it was with reading and everything else in my life.

For the Love of Words: Quarter TwoFor the Love of Words: Quarter Two

The middle of March into April saw some big changes in my life, including a new car and a new job. I’m seeing someone a regular basis, too. I’m trying to go to the gym multiple nights a week. There are a lot of changes and I’m enjoying the change in life, minus the fact I’m still trying to figure out when I write during the day.

With all these changes, I got one draft done in the second quarter – the second book in the Emily Burnet Series – Bullets and Bylines. I started the third book again a few weeks ago, in the last week of the quarter.

I’ll admit, while I love this series of short stories, I’ve really begun missing the characters from the Cassie Morgan series and I find myself looking forward to going back to the characters. I think the reason I’m missing Cassie and her stories is the snark.

If you’ve read both of my series, you’d realize that Emily Burnet is not really all that snarky. That’s all Cassie is, and I’m pretty snarky when provoked. I’ve missed having the opportunity to express that in my writing.

That being said, I’m still fully in the Emily Burnet Series. 

With Bullets and Bylines, the newest draft is about 35,000 words. Cameras and Confessions is about 30,000 words but i’m opin to make it a little big longer as Airtime and Alibis almost 40,000 words.

I’m hoping to get back into writing this upcoming quarter. While I don’t think that I’ll get all five books out, I’m pretty confident I’ll get three out this year – setting me up to get back to Cassie Morgan in 2020.


For the Love of Books: Quarter Two 2019

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Life has really snuck away from me this year in several ways, including in reading. After reading 74 books in 2018, I’m not sure I’ve read ten this year. Reading has been slow, as has writing. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life right now, personal things, and this year has been about balancing all the aspects of my life.

News flash, I’ve sucked pretty badly at it. It’s still a learning process in the lesson of life, that’s all.

That being said, in the past few weeks, my reading has picked up again and I’ve wanted to cover what I’ve read in the past three months.

For the Love of Books: Quarter Two 2019

April 2019


In April, I read one book but it was a nonfiction book. Those always take longer for me than fiction books. The book I read was Say Nothinga story about a murder during the Irish Civil War in the 1970s and 1980s. The book told an intimiate story about a mom who went missing and intertwined it with the larger-overall story of the IRA and major players during the war.

It took a while for me to get into this book and really get invested into it, but once I did, I finished it pretty quickly. Being part Irish, I always want to know more about Irish history.

May 2019

I read two books in May and one was a reread.


I picked up The Favorite Sister last year at the Amazon Bookstore here in Austin. I’ve found that bookstore to be a great place to find new authors for a pretty decent price (if you’re a prime member, you can get prime pricing right there in the store). This book covers a group of women who are on a reality TV show about women entreprenuers.

There’s a split timeline and a murder, leading up to the moment where we found out how that person died. Given that this is a split timeline, the person who dies is one of the narrorators in the past. The book gives it away that she died pretty early on, so I struggled to connect with the character knowing she was going to die anyway.

Split timelines are hard to do, y’all.


Big Little Lies was a re-read in anticipation of season two on HBO. I re-watched season one of the show while reading this book, so it was a fun way to compare the TV show and the book in real time. There were details in the book I had forgotten about, so it was a great comfort and refresher to read this book again. After reading it, I actually picked up the author’s newest book and I’ll read that in the next quarter (Read my original thoughts on Big Little Lies here).

June 2019


This isn’t a re-read but it’s a book in a series I love. The Big Kahuna is the newest book in the Fox and O’Hare Series by Janet Evanovich. This book felt like the first one suffering from the Stephanie Plum problem, where it feels like Evanovich is no longer that invested in the characters. While her books are fun to read and humorous, it seems like Evanovich checked out a while ago on developing strong, multi-dementional characters.


The Last Mrs. Parrish was another Amazon Bookstore find. I’ve heard about this book for a while now, but never got it. It was on sale at the bookstore, so I figured I’d snag it. I’m not far enough into it yet to have an opinion, but I’m excited to be finally reading it.

After the megareading marathon in 2018, I needed some time to detox from reaing and do other things. Now that I’m finally gearing back up into reading, it’s fun to have a book to pick up every day.

What’s been your favorite book in the past few months? And side note, happy birthday to my mom! I love you, Mom. 


The One Day Summer Sale

If you haven’t picked up any of my books, today is the day to do so! They’re all on sale on Amazon Kindle, but prices will go back up tomorrow! You can pick up a copy of each here:

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