• Why I Want You to Read Anything

    Why I Want You to Read Anything

    Read a book. After you finish reading this post, go read a book. Seriously, go read a book. I know it’s not cool to read anymore but as a reader and an author, I want you to read a book – any book, doesn’t have to be any of mine. You see there are plenty…

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  • Love and Mystery

    Love and Mystery

    Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and for the first time since, like, fifth grade, I actually have a valentine! It’s kind of a nice feeling to actually have plans beyond “writing and drinking wine.” Seriously, every holiday, that’s my game plan. I knew I didn’t have a social life, but I didn’t realize how bad it…

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  • February Goals

    This post was originally planned for last week, however I was sick so it didn’t happen. Oops. January felt so fast but gosh was it slow as could be this past month. It just dragged on and on and I’m so glad tomorrow is the end of the month. The last two weeks have been…

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  • What’s Coming in 2020

    I’ve been moving boxes for almost a week now down three flights of stairs and up another three flights. My arms hurt typing this and my legs are getting a damn good workout. I’ve moved every year since I was 18 and I’m really over it but this was a change I needed to make.…

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  • For the Love of Words: December 2019

    For the Love of Words

    As I’m in the middle of my writing break because life, I look back at December and realize I edited and published a book in a month. It’s almost been a month since cameras and confessions came out on kindle. Despite those two big accomplishments, I feel like I wasn’t that creative. NaNoWriMo was a…

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  • For the Love of Books: December 2019

    For the Love of Books

    This post contains affiliate links, which help support this indie author. You can read more here.  No lie, it feels like December was a long time ago, not two weeks ago. Today is the day I pick up the keys for my new apartment and I’ve been so busy preparing, I had to go back…

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