• September 2019 Goals

    For a long time, I used to do monthly goals on my personal blog. I’m no longer blogging over there, but the personal goals are a great way to keep myself accountable and share some of the things I’m working on – not just fo my books, but in my day-to-day life. If you’re a…

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  • Bullets and Bylines Cover Reveal

    Bullets and Bylines Cover Reveal

    We are so close to the release of another book, y’all. How close is this close? Well today, I have a book cover for you and more information about Bullets and Bylines! This is the second book featuring Emily Burnet, a journalist in Austin, Texas. Out of the three books for Emily that are coming out this…

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  • Happy Birthday, Double Played

    Happy Birthday Double Played

    Today marks three years since this book out on Kindle. While I still have a lot more in common with twenty-two-year-old Laura than I do with sixteen-year-old Laura, life has still changed almost completely. When double played came out, I was in the middle of one of the roughest points of my life. I was…

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  • Bullets and Bylines Sneak Peek

    Sneak Peek for Bullets and Bylines

    It’s time to hunker down and get the wheels grinding again. Y’all, I am almost done with writing books for the year! The next two books will be out before my birthday in November, which means two books in three months. Crazy? You bet, but I’m ready for this. I’ll be breaking down everything going on soon…

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  • Websites to Help You Grow as a Writer

    Websites to Help You Grow as a Writer

    Writing is a joy I’ve had in my life for over a decade now. At twenty-five, that’s a significant part of my life and over the years I’ve learned about writing as a craft and my writing. Since high school, I’ve founded a creative writing club in high school, had my first novel reviewed by…

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