• For the Love of Words: November 2019

    For the Love of Words: November

    Let’s talk about NaNoWriMo – it happens every year and almost every year I fail. In fact, when it came to November 30th, Facebook memories reminded me that the last time I won NaNoWriMo was in 2016. And I won in 2016 because I lost my job a third of the way into the month.…

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  • For the Love of Reading: November 2019

    For the Love of Reading: November

    It’s funny how going home or spending time with my family makes me read more. Or at least I feel like it does, even though I don’t know for sure. While I still only read two full books this past month, I feel like I was reaching for a book more consistently than before. And…

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  • December Goals

    December Goals

    Every year, I feel like the last 45 days of the year aren’t really a part of the year, but the pre-planning stage for the next year. The time between my 26th birthday and 2020 isn’t much different except for one little book still waiting to get published. December is going to be about planning…

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  • Black Friday Sales Start Now

    Black Friday Sale

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, in whatever way you wanted to spend it! Originally, I thought I would be staying in Austin and just enjoying four days off but I ended up traveling to see my parents this weekend and I’m glad I came. While you’re either recovering from your food coma…

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  • Laura’s Loves: True Crime Podcasts

    Laura's Loves: True Crime Podcasts

    I am an avid lover of podcasts. My day job consists of typing all day, so I can get away with headphones in all day. I listen to a lot of different podcasts, mostly either politics related or true crime related. Because I listen to a lot of politics on both sides of the aisle,…

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