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Everything You Need to Know About Airtime and Alibis

The release of my next book, Airtime and Alibis, is imminent and today I want to take some time to provide some answers on all the questions everyone has involving the book and my writing lately. So let’s talk about everything you need to know about Airtime and Alibis. 

Everything You Need to Know About Airtime and Alibis

1. When is the book coming out?

The book will be coming out tomorrow, March 26th.

2. Where can I read the book?

The book will be available on Amazon’s kindle platform. Once all three stories in the series are out, they’ll be available on other platforms like Kobo or Nook.

3. Will I be able to purchase a paperback of the book?

As this is a short story, I’ll be releasing two sequels back to back this year. Once all three are available for purchase, I’ll do a 3-in-1 for the paperback. If you’re interested in a paperback copy, sign up for my newsletter so you know when they’ll be available.

4. How many books will be in the series?

I’ll be releasing three short stories in a row before I go back to my other series, The Cassie Morgan Series. But because the books in this series stand on their own a little more than the other series, there is always the option I’ll come back and write some more. I expect there may be another set of three short stories in mid-late 2020. So for now there will be three.

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6. What is this book even about?

Yes, someone asked me this. The short? It’s a story about a journalist who ends up working with a local cop to find a missing woman in a case that gains national attention. To read more about the book, click here.

7. Will I like your book?

Yes, this is a question people ask, too. The short? I can’t tell you. But if you love cozy mysteries with a little bit of romance (or even just one of those things), you might like this book series.

8. Where can I learn more?

Obviously, this website will have lots of information about the book and its release, however, if you want to get new info first, you’ll want to sign up down below for the newsletter!


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Cover Reveal: Airtime and Alibis

The time is here and I’ve got some big news! After months and months of editing and finalizing a book, the book is done and it’s coming very soon. Today, I’m excited to share the cover for the book.


Emily Burnet has covered some high-profile stories in her time as a reporter, but she’s never come across a story this personal. It’s been six years since Emily last saw Claire Scott in college, but now Claire has vanished in Emily’s hometown, just days before the launch of her national talk show.

Curiosity has carried Emily in her career so far, but it might be too much when Emily finds herself bargaining with Detective Austin Cooper, the lead investigator on Claire’s case. She offers him information and insight on Claire, in exchange for first dibs on new developments in the case (and maybe some unanticipated sparks.)

As Emily tries to tie the woman she knew to the woman who disappeared, she realizes the bubbly journalist everyone loved was hiding a dark private life. Curiosity has helped Emily in the past, but this time it might make her the next big headline instead.

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Sneak Peek: Airtime and Alibis

2019 is the year where I’m launching a new series – The Emily Burnet Series. While the series is still a mystery series with a case to solve, instead of the main character being a member of law enforcement, she’s a journalist on TV.

Sneak Peek: Airtime and Alibis

Something that has been so much fun for me is to dabble in writing news reports and press releases as a part of this story. It’s a different way to give relevant information that the reader needs to know and can break up the story. With these short stories, I’ve broken them up into days instead of chapters and these little releases break the story up. So today, I’m excited to share the first one with y’all.



Austin, TX (March 5, 2018) –The William Beaumont Agency’s talent, Claire Scott, will launch her own talk show, “Claire” on NBC on March 5th, 2018 at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

“Claire” makes its television debut six months after Scott signed a breakthrough contract with the National Broadcast Company.

“While ‘Claire’ will be based in New York City, I’m still a Texas girl. Launching my talk show in my home state feels like the perfect way for new viewers to see just who I am off camera,” says Claire Scott, the new host.

After its debut week in Austin, Texas, “Claire” will move to New York City for live shows five days a week. The show will focus on the day’s breaking news stories, trending topics and stories from people across the country.

“Claire” will debut across fifty NBC afilliate stations across the country on March 5th, 2018. Additional stations will pick the show up in the fall.

About William Beaumont Agency: Established in 2000, the William Beaumont Agency focuses on bringing top talent from Texas to the national level. Founded by William Beaumont, the agency has placed more than a dozen journalists and reporters into top shows with the four major networks.

About Claire Scott, host of ‘Claire’: After graduating from the University of North Texas in 2013, Claire Scott has worked across the country as a journalist in multiple markets. Starting at the ABC affiliate in Fargo, North Dakota, Scott is familiar to viewers in markets such as Corpus Christi, Texas and most recently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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