Emily Burnet

  • We Aren't Quite Done Yet

    We Aren’t Quite Done for the Year

    I’ve said it multiple times, but the release of Bullets and Bylines was not the last little trick up my sleeve this year. While I’m in the middle of writing Justice and Lies for NaNo (I’ll have an update on that later this week cause this week marks the halfway point for NaNoWriMo) I’m also slowly going throuh my…

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  • Bullets and Bylines Cover Reveal

    Bullets and Bylines Cover Reveal

    We are so close to the release of another book, y’all. How close is this close? Well today, I have a book cover for you and more information about Bullets and Bylines! This is the second book featuring Emily Burnet, a journalist in Austin, Texas. Out of the three books for Emily that are coming out this…

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