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For the Love of Reading: August 2019

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Reading, like everything else, comes and goes throughout life and I’ll admit, I’m on shakey ground this year. August’s books showed the difference in my reading styles, one took a month and a half to read and the other I read in under a week. Yes, I only read two books this past month. My to-read list continues to grow and I have a stack on my nighstand to prove it.

For the Love of Books

For the Love of Books

1. Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty – This is the newest book from the author of Big Little Lies. Y’all this is a big book! It’s almost 500 pages! Unfortunately, the entire plot really takes place in the last 150 pages, which is why I think it took me so long to read. There is a lot of time spent setting up the story and by the time you get to the story, you don’t realize it. I’ll admit, the ending was pretty solid and was satisfying, but unlink Big Little Lies,k I don’t know that I’ll be re-reading it any time soon. It’s a decent book and I definitely recommend it to those who like a slow burn.

2. An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena – Confession, out of the four books she’s written, I have two sitting on my bookshelves waiting patiently to be read. This wasn’t one of them. Then one of my managers at work asked if I read it, and when I said no, it magically appeared on my desk the next day. Let me just say – if her other books are this good, she is going to be a favorite author in no time.

This book is short, about 300 pages. The chapters are short too, which help speed things along and I read this in a few days. Mulitple POVs were a little hard at first to follow but by the end of the book, I was shocked by the perpetrator of the crimes. She did a great job of balancing moving the story forward and revealing information about each character’s past. Highly recommend this as a great book to read on a weekend – you’ll read it that fast.

While I only got two books in this last month, I’m really focusing on reading every night before going to bed. I’m currently reading Little Fires Everywhere and I know I’ll read that quickly to get to my next read – Vendetta in Death.

Tell me, what’s on your reading list lately?

For the Love of Books: Quarter Two 2019

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Life has really snuck away from me this year in several ways, including in reading. After reading 74 books in 2018, I’m not sure I’ve read ten this year. Reading has been slow, as has writing. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life right now, personal things, and this year has been about balancing all the aspects of my life.

News flash, I’ve sucked pretty badly at it. It’s still a learning process in the lesson of life, that’s all.

That being said, in the past few weeks, my reading has picked up again and I’ve wanted to cover what I’ve read in the past three months.

For the Love of Books: Quarter Two 2019

April 2019


In April, I read one book but it was a nonfiction book. Those always take longer for me than fiction books. The book I read was Say Nothinga story about a murder during the Irish Civil War in the 1970s and 1980s. The book told an intimiate story about a mom who went missing and intertwined it with the larger-overall story of the IRA and major players during the war.

It took a while for me to get into this book and really get invested into it, but once I did, I finished it pretty quickly. Being part Irish, I always want to know more about Irish history.

May 2019

I read two books in May and one was a reread.


I picked up The Favorite Sister last year at the Amazon Bookstore here in Austin. I’ve found that bookstore to be a great place to find new authors for a pretty decent price (if you’re a prime member, you can get prime pricing right there in the store). This book covers a group of women who are on a reality TV show about women entreprenuers.

There’s a split timeline and a murder, leading up to the moment where we found out how that person died. Given that this is a split timeline, the person who dies is one of the narrorators in the past. The book gives it away that she died pretty early on, so I struggled to connect with the character knowing she was going to die anyway.

Split timelines are hard to do, y’all.


Big Little Lies was a re-read in anticipation of season two on HBO. I re-watched season one of the show while reading this book, so it was a fun way to compare the TV show and the book in real time. There were details in the book I had forgotten about, so it was a great comfort and refresher to read this book again. After reading it, I actually picked up the author’s newest book and I’ll read that in the next quarter (Read my original thoughts on Big Little Lies here).

June 2019


This isn’t a re-read but it’s a book in a series I love. The Big Kahuna is the newest book in the Fox and O’Hare Series by Janet Evanovich. This book felt like the first one suffering from the Stephanie Plum problem, where it feels like Evanovich is no longer that invested in the characters. While her books are fun to read and humorous, it seems like Evanovich checked out a while ago on developing strong, multi-dementional characters.


The Last Mrs. Parrish was another Amazon Bookstore find. I’ve heard about this book for a while now, but never got it. It was on sale at the bookstore, so I figured I’d snag it. I’m not far enough into it yet to have an opinion, but I’m excited to be finally reading it.

After the megareading marathon in 2018, I needed some time to detox from reaing and do other things. Now that I’m finally gearing back up into reading, it’s fun to have a book to pick up every day.

What’s been your favorite book in the past few months? And side note, happy birthday to my mom! I love you, Mom. 


For the Love of Books: January Reading Recap

For the Love of Words is a series where I recap my monthly reading and writing habits. In 2019, I’m spinning the reading section off into its own series: For the Love of Books. This post does contain affiliate links, which help support the indie author way.

When I first decided to spin off my monthly reading recap into its own thing, I was doing five or six books a month. This month, January I finished one book and I read half of it last night.

For the Love of Books: January 2019

Between changes at my job and changes in my life (I moved!) I spent most of the month crawling into bed and turning the lights out right away. I think between that and the fact that I was reading so much in December and November to finish the In Death series, I was a little burned out on reading and needed to give myself time to recover.

Either way, I read one book this month (well, I started a new one this morning so, really 1.1 books).

Books I Read in January

For Better and Worse – This book tells the story of two attorneys, married, who find out something terrible has happened to their son. Natalie, the wife, decides that the only way to get justice is to do it herself instead of waiting. She ends up getting her husband, Will, involved and the two have to make sure their secrets and crimes don’t come out.

I thought the premise of this book was pretty amazing, but about two-thirds of the way in, it started to fall apart for me. The ending felt incredibly rushed, like she was just meeting a word quota and it felt anti-climatic. I can definitely think of how this could have played out better at the end, but overall it was a pretty decent book.

This book was a Book of the Month pick.

So what’s on the slate for February?

A Look at 2018: The Reading Recap

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2018 is almost over and I’m taking time this week to recap a year full of stories and words. Today, I want to recap a rather impressive reading year. Last year, I took time to call out some of my favorite highlights, and I want to do a similar recap this year. So here’s the the 70-book year of 2018.

A Look at 2018: Reading Recap

1. Favorite Stand-Alone of 2018: The Woman in the Window

I read this book back in January, and it still one of my favorite reads of 2018. I read 200 pages of this 400-some page book in one day, when we had a technical error at work and couldn’t do our jobs. Because I read half the book in one day, it added to the suspense and the “oh my gosh, what is happening.” It was the first “unreliable narrator” book I read this year and it was a solid story.

Honorable Mention: The Flight Attendant

2. Favorite Old Book I Discovered: Gone Girl

Despite having this book on my list for years, I didn’t read this book until 2018. The first half was a rough read, and I almost didn’t finish. But once I got to the middle section, it definitely picked up. That book was twisted, y’all, and I loved it. One of my favorite parts of reading this was when my coworker informed me that this book made him terrified of being married. I’m not married, so I couldn’t relate.

Additionally, the movie was one of the truest adaptations of a book I think I’ve ever watched, so points for that.

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3. Favorite Re-Read: The Heather Wells Series

I’ve been a Meg Cabot fan since I was in high school, and while I love basically everything she writes, her mystery series was my favorite. When it came time to start planning my new short stories series, I wanted to read something a little bit lighter than the In Death series, so I went back to something that I knew was reliable. These books are much lighter and a little goofy. I love the humor of them, too.

4. Favorite Nonfiction Read: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

This book was on my list when it came out early this year. About a month and a half after the book came out, they finally made an arrest, and I knew I had to pick it up. I looked everywhere in Austin and finally found the last copy at a Barnes & Noble. The author did this wonderful job of weaving the story of the Golden State Killer and her own story about her obsession. While the book doesn’t have any real conclusion (as she died before finishing it and they hadn’t found the killer yet), the book is still a fantastic read.

If McNamara had lived to see the Golden State Killer caught, I have no doubt she would have put out a stellar follow-up.

5. Favorite Series: In Death

The main goal of 2018 was to read the entirety of J.D. Robb’s In Death series, which currently has 47 books. I read the first three books at the end of 2017, when I first stumbled into the series, but the rest of the books happened this year. I’m currently reading the latest one, Leverage in Death, and I will definitely finish before the end of the year. The next book comes out in February and I already have the date written down in my planner.

70 books in one year is a lot of books and I definitely do not expect to read that many next year. Next year will be more focused on writing and that’s okay, they give and take one another. But damn, y’all, what a great reading year.

Come back tomorrow for a little recap on my writing year, and be sure to sign up down below for more information in the new year.


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