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For the Love of Books: January Reading Recap

For the Love of Words is a series where I recap my monthly reading and writing habits. In 2019, I’m spinning the reading section off into its own series: For the Love of Books. This post does contain affiliate links, which help support the indie author way.

When I first decided to spin off my monthly reading recap into its own thing, I was doing five or six books a month. This month, January I finished one book and I read half of it last night.

For the Love of Books: January 2019

Between changes at my job and changes in my life (I moved!) I spent most of the month crawling into bed and turning the lights out right away. I think between that and the fact that I was reading so much in December and November to finish the In Death series, I was a little burned out on reading and needed to give myself time to recover.

Either way, I read one book this month (well, I started a new one this morning so, really 1.1 books).

Books I Read in January

For Better and Worse – This book tells the story of two attorneys, married, who find out something terrible has happened to their son. Natalie, the wife, decides that the only way to get justice is to do it herself instead of waiting. She ends up getting her husband, Will, involved and the two have to make sure their secrets and crimes don’t come out.

I thought the premise of this book was pretty amazing, but about two-thirds of the way in, it started to fall apart for me. The ending felt incredibly rushed, like she was just meeting a word quota and it felt anti-climatic. I can definitely think of how this could have played out better at the end, but overall it was a pretty decent book.

This book was a Book of the Month pick.

So what’s on the slate for February?

A Look at 2018: The Reading Recap

This post contains affiliate links, which help support this indie author.

2018 is almost over and I’m taking time this week to recap a year full of stories and words. Today, I want to recap a rather impressive reading year. Last year, I took time to call out some of my favorite highlights, and I want to do a similar recap this year. So here’s the the 70-book year of 2018.

A Look at 2018: Reading Recap

1. Favorite Stand-Alone of 2018: The Woman in the Window

I read this book back in January, and it still one of my favorite reads of 2018. I read 200 pages of this 400-some page book in one day, when we had a technical error at work and couldn’t do our jobs. Because I read half the book in one day, it added to the suspense and the “oh my gosh, what is happening.” It was the first “unreliable narrator” book I read this year and it was a solid story.

Honorable Mention: The Flight Attendant

2. Favorite Old Book I Discovered: Gone Girl

Despite having this book on my list for years, I didn’t read this book until 2018. The first half was a rough read, and I almost didn’t finish. But once I got to the middle section, it definitely picked up. That book was twisted, y’all, and I loved it. One of my favorite parts of reading this was when my coworker informed me that this book made him terrified of being married. I’m not married, so I couldn’t relate.

Additionally, the movie was one of the truest adaptations of a book I think I’ve ever watched, so points for that.

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3. Favorite Re-Read: The Heather Wells Series

I’ve been a Meg Cabot fan since I was in high school, and while I love basically everything she writes, her mystery series was my favorite. When it came time to start planning my new short stories series, I wanted to read something a little bit lighter than the In Death series, so I went back to something that I knew was reliable. These books are much lighter and a little goofy. I love the humor of them, too.

4. Favorite Nonfiction Read: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

This book was on my list when it came out early this year. About a month and a half after the book came out, they finally made an arrest, and I knew I had to pick it up. I looked everywhere in Austin and finally found the last copy at a Barnes & Noble. The author did this wonderful job of weaving the story of the Golden State Killer and her own story about her obsession. While the book doesn’t have any real conclusion (as she died before finishing it and they hadn’t found the killer yet), the book is still a fantastic read.

If McNamara had lived to see the Golden State Killer caught, I have no doubt she would have put out a stellar follow-up.

5. Favorite Series: In Death

The main goal of 2018 was to read the entirety of J.D. Robb’s In Death series, which currently has 47 books. I read the first three books at the end of 2017, when I first stumbled into the series, but the rest of the books happened this year. I’m currently reading the latest one, Leverage in Death, and I will definitely finish before the end of the year. The next book comes out in February and I already have the date written down in my planner.

70 books in one year is a lot of books and I definitely do not expect to read that many next year. Next year will be more focused on writing and that’s okay, they give and take one another. But damn, y’all, what a great reading year.

Come back tomorrow for a little recap on my writing year, and be sure to sign up down below for more information in the new year.