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For the Love of Writing: August 2019

August should be the last month of Summer, but I live in Texas so summer is still here. Summer might be here until my birthday in November (which I’m okay with). Over the past year, I’ve realized the seasons don’t really effect my attempts to write every day.

For the Love of Words

In winter, I’m too cold to write and spend all night curled up in bed (or did last winter, at least) and now that it’s summer and it’s brutally hot, I’m slow and sluggish and struggling to make the commitment to my desk.

You see, I am 1000 times more productive sitting at my desk than I do in bed. Last fall, I moved in temporarily with my grandparents and lost my desk. After dinner at night, I’d go into bed and stay there, huddled under blankets, reading.

When it came time to move, I’d lost the habit of going home and getting to my desk to get work done. Nine months later, I’m still struggling with this. In fact, last night, after a work event, I came home and crawled into bed at 9:30 and just sat there for another hour.

And that’s a part of why it’s taken me longer to get these last two books out this year than I thought (along with a few other things). But I made significant headway in August, all for the love of writing.

In august, I got two rounds of drafts done. At the beginning of the month, I finished another round with Cameras and Confessions. This might be the most solid book I’ve ever written from the get-go and I’m excited for it to go to my readers to see if they agree.

I spent most of the month working on Bullets and Bylines though and just sent it to my three ladies who read my books last weekend.

At this point, I’m moving through both drafts pretty quickly and suspect I’ll be done with writing for the year sometime in September. At least with books I plan to publish this year. I’m not sure what I’ll do after publishing Camera and Confessions, but we’ll see.


For the Love of Words: Quarter Two Recap

When I did my first writing recap for 2019, I said I wanted to do these every month to hold myself accountable. Considering I haven’t done one since then, I’d say that didn’t work. That being said, this second quarter was an odd one for writing, as it was with reading and everything else in my life.

For the Love of Words: Quarter TwoFor the Love of Words: Quarter Two

The middle of March into April saw some big changes in my life, including a new car and a new job. I’m seeing someone a regular basis, too. I’m trying to go to the gym multiple nights a week. There are a lot of changes and I’m enjoying the change in life, minus the fact I’m still trying to figure out when I write during the day.

With all these changes, I got one draft done in the second quarter – the second book in the Emily Burnet Series – Bullets and Bylines. I started the third book again a few weeks ago, in the last week of the quarter.

I’ll admit, while I love this series of short stories, I’ve really begun missing the characters from the Cassie Morgan series and I find myself looking forward to going back to the characters. I think the reason I’m missing Cassie and her stories is the snark.

If you’ve read both of my series, you’d realize that Emily Burnet is not really all that snarky. That’s all Cassie is, and I’m pretty snarky when provoked. I’ve missed having the opportunity to express that in my writing.

That being said, I’m still fully in the Emily Burnet Series. 

With Bullets and Bylines, the newest draft is about 35,000 words. Cameras and Confessions is about 30,000 words but i’m opin to make it a little big longer as Airtime and Alibis almost 40,000 words.

I’m hoping to get back into writing this upcoming quarter. While I don’t think that I’ll get all five books out, I’m pretty confident I’ll get three out this year – setting me up to get back to Cassie Morgan in 2020.


For the Love of Words: January Writing Recap

Every month in 2019, I want to do a recap of my writing – to be accountable to myself and let others know what my writing is really looking like these days. For the Love of Words used to cover both reading and writing, but starting this month, reading will get its own recap. So today, to mark the start of a new month, let’s talk about January.

For the Love of Words - January 2019

As I mentioned last week, January was a busy month in my life. Big changes in my day job, a move (and all the changes that go with that) and finally, last weekend, I felt like it was time to start editing.

I started last weekend and the first section felt really solid, I felt proud of what I had. Then I went to the second part and began cutting through the unnecessary parts, as this is supposed to be a short story. As I plan to make this a series of short stories, I’ve had to lean back on some of the character development that I want to save for future books.

Either way, after almost two months of a break, I’m feeling more confident about my writing. The first section feels tight and clean, but still sets up the story nicely. I love that this series is in Austin, where I live.

While I still don’t know what 2019 will hold, I’m thinking that if the rest of this book goes as well in editing as the first 10,000 words went, this will be out in the first quarter. After two and a half years without a release, it feels good to say that out loud – or at least out to the internet.

For once, I feel like that might actually happen and it’s super cool to feel confident in my writing.

January Stats

Title: Airtime and Alibis
Status: final edits
Words in the month: 6,582


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For the Love of Words: June 2018

June is here, y’all, and we’re almost ending the first half of the year. So far this year, my reading has been way beyond what I expected by my writing has been a little less so. I think my problem with writing is that I’m highly too ambitious on myself and expect machine-level performance.
I am not a machine.
I am a human being. A human who has low points and high points and isn’t as productive as she’d like to be. My goal is still to write 1000 words every day, and I’m definitely plugging along most days hitting my goal.


A look Back at May

The Books I Read

May was a bit of dismal month for me, I started a few books that I didn’t finish including one where I made the connection fifty pages in and just couldn’t do it anymore. Work has been unreasonably busy, so my reading hasn’t been as aggressive as it has in the past.
The final total for books I read in May was five, I believe.
  • Reunion in Death
  • Purity in Death
  • The Girl Before
  • I’ll be Gone in the Dark
The first two are both in the In Death series by J.D. Robb. The second two are stand alone. The Girl Before is a novel told from two points of view and alternate time frames. There’s a mysterious, rich man who definitely gives off Christian Grey vibes and overall, the book was a lot of fluff, but no anything exciting.


I’ll be Gone in the Dark is a true crime story that weaves Michelle MacNamara’s search for the Golden State Killer with the background of his crimes. I’m about two-thirds of the way done with the book and I’m sure that I’ll finish in the next few days.




I’m still working on the second short story in my little series. While I was hoping to have the story done in the month of May, I’m only about halfway done. I’m going to have a month off in June, so I’m hoping to catch up on writing and at least start the third one.


Every year, around this time where Summer hits, I realize my publishing plan for the year is going up in flames. This year is no different. We’ll see if I get anything out this year, but I’m starting to think maybe not so much.




I have a few books on my list that I’m excited to read this month, including some I just didn’t get to last month.
Obviously I’ll be finishing I’ll be Gone in the Dark, but I have a few other ones in my list.
  • I’ll be Gone in the Dark
  • Our Kind of Cruelty
  • The Last Equation of Issace Severy
  • Portrait in Death
  • Imitation in Death
  • Big Jack
As I said before, I have a whole week off in the middle of the month (maybe more, hopefully not) so I’m hoping I can get some serious reading in during this month. For the In Death series, I’d like to have the whole series read by the end of 2018 and I’m actually behind on schedule.


I might spend most of July reading just those books.



I’ll finish the second short story here soon, and then start the third one. After I write both of these first drafts, I’m not sure if I’ll go back to edit this series or head back to my other series.


There is a lot in the air and I have no answers yet.


Either way, I’m hoping to recover this month and have a solid month.

For the Love of Words: April Recap and May Look

I’ll be the first to admit that months seem to fly by this year. May is already here and May always holds a special place in my heart. It’s the beginning of the summer months, my little brother’s birthday is tomorrow on the third, and today, the second, marks two years since I moved to Austin, Texas. I’m determined to make this month one of the most productive ever.

Between some nasty allergies and some personal things, I didn’t quite stick to my plan like I had hoped for April, meaning there are less books under my belt.

For the Love of Words: May 2018

April Recap

The Books I Read

  • Finished The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian
  • Fire and Fury by Michael Wolfe
  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  • Reunion in Death by J.D. Robb

There were two major reasons for less books this month: it was super busy at work, where I get a lot of my reading done, and it took me a while to get into Gone Girl. 

When it finally picked up (after the second part, I read most of it in just a few days). I also watched the movie, and I’ll admit I was rather impressed by how similar it was to the book.

While the movie was pretty true to the book, it made me realize just why books are always better than movies. Because we get inside the characters’ heads. If you’ve read Gone Girl, you know how big the narratives of Nick and Amy are to the book.

Part of what made me love to hate both was the narratives. You don’t get that in a movie.

Either way, it’s slowed down at work so it feels like we’re going to be back in business for reading. A minor hiccup, but we’re all set now.

The Books I Wrote

I finished Airtimes and Alibis this weekend, and while it’s a mess, it really felt like a good way to get into this world. The draft is finished at about 35,000 words.

What’s Up on Deck for May

Books I’m Planning to Read

  • Purity in Death by J.D. Robb
  • Portrait in Death by J.D. Robb
  • The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin
  • The Girl Before by JP Delaney
  • The Dime by Kathleen Kent
  • Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall
  • I’ll be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara

I’m still working on the In Death series and I’m sure I’ll finish by the end of the year. Three books are from the Austin Public Library, Our Kind of Cruelty is from Book of the Month, and I grabbed I’ll be Gone in the Dark after the announcement of the Golden State Killer’s arrest.

I’ll be Gone in the Dark was on my radar before the arrest, but that just added the book higher up the list.

The Books I’m Writing

I’ll be starting the second short story in the series, out of the three I have planned for right now. I’m hoping to have this done by the end of the month so I can write the third story.

As I said earlier, I hope for this month to be super productive.

What books are you reading this month?

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