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  • For the Love of Words

    For the Love of Words: October 2019

    October was a weird month for my writing. Split between two works and two main characters who are very different, it was a test to see how well I could manage it. While I didn’t write two books at the same time (not that crazy), it was an interesting process to flex my creative muscle.…

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  • For the Love of Words September 2019

    For the Love of Words: September 2019

    September flew by so fast and I’m surprised that we’re already in October. I’ve talked about it before in brief, but I’m almost done with writing for the year. I’m currently in a waiting pattern while both Bullets and Bylines and Cameras and Confessions are with readers. While I wait for them, I don’t really want to make changes.…

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  • For the Love of Worrds

    For the Love of Writing: August 2019

    August should be the last month of Summer, but I live in Texas so summer is still here. Summer might be here until my birthday in November (which I’m okay with). Over the past year, I’ve realized the seasons don’t really effect my attempts to write every day. In winter, I’m too cold to write…

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  • For the Love of Words: Quarter Two Recap

    When I did my first writing recap for 2019, I said I wanted to do these every month to hold myself accountable. Considering I haven’t done one since then, I’d say that didn’t work. That being said, this second quarter was an odd one for writing, as it was with reading and everything else in my life.…

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