• Living Alone in a Pandemic

    Living Alone in a Pandemic

    This week marks two months since I started working from home and when things involving the pandemic, things really got serious. The whole pandemic has me thinking about a lot of different things – being an introvert, isolation, depression, gratitude, survival. I’m living alone during a pandemic. And I don’t think I will ever truly…

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  • Love and Mystery

    Love and Mystery

    Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and for the first time since, like, fifth grade, I actually have a valentine! It’s kind of a nice feeling to actually have plans beyond “writing and drinking wine.” Seriously, every holiday, that’s my game plan. I knew I didn’t have a social life, but I didn’t realize how bad it…

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  • My Word of the Year

    My Word of the Year in 2020

    Also known as “One Little Word”, my word of the year is a word designed to be a focus on what I want to guide me throughout the year. It’s big in blogger and planner communities and I’ve gathered different words throughout the last few years. 2016 was my first year I did a word…

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  • Laura's Loves: True Crime Podcasts

    Laura’s Loves: True Crime Podcasts

    I am an avid lover of podcasts. My day job consists of typing all day, so I can get away with headphones in all day. I listen to a lot of different podcasts, mostly either politics related or true crime related. Because I listen to a lot of politics on both sides of the aisle,…

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  • 26

    25, “Something tells me, now, standing at the end of twenty-four, that twenty-five is going to be pretty damn all right. And I am perfectly all right with that.” I wrote that a year ago, with all these grand ideas of what 25 would be like. Boy, I had no idea. I think without a…

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