• Laura's Loves: TV Quarantine

    Laura’s Loves: TV Quarantine

    As Quarantine drags on longer and longer (my day job doesn’t expect to go back to the office until at least December but I bet it will be longer), I’ve found myself watching a lot more TV this year. It goes back to the escapism and avoiding this world that we live in. I’ve been…

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  • Be Bold in 2017 // Personal Goals

    Today is the last day of the Be Bold challenge for 2017. In terms of the goals I’ve laid out so far for my business and my health, January is almost over and I’m still on track. It’s a nice feeling to have! To be honest, I struggled with what I wanted my personal goals…

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  • My 2016

    Last year’s end-of-year post was titled “One Crazy Year.” If I knew then what 2016 was going to bring, I would have saved that for this year. Because this year was a roller coaster, hands down. 2016 was a year for a lot of firsts, and many of those involved me falling right back on…

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  • Be Bold in 2016 // Personal Goals

    Today is the last day of the “Be Bold in 2016” link-up. I’ve already talked about my Word of the Year, my blogging goals, and my health goals. It’s funny, even within the past month, I feel like several of these goals have changed. As I sit here trying to come up with personal goals,…

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  • Be Bold in 2016 // Health Goals

    It’s time for the third week of the Be Bold link up. This week we’re talking about health goals. I think it was the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012 when I was diagnosed with my thyroid disease. But last year was the first year that I really felt the effects of having…

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  • Be Bold in 2016 // Blogging Goals

    Be Bold in 2016 is a four-week link-up to cover our goals for the year. Now that I’m back from my mini-break this week, I’m excited to break down what I’ll be working on for the blog this year. This year, I have a few goals in mind. The problem with this year is that…

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