monthly goals

  • June Goals

    June 2020 Goals

    Summer is finally here and in Texas, that finally means a real reason to stay inside because it’s too hot to go outside. I’m not usually one to enjoy the swimming pool but I really want to jump into the pool because I can’t. Instead, I’m still in my apartment, constantly telling myself I don’t…

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  • May Goals

    April feels like a blur and not in a good way. It was the first full month of working from home, but there have been many days that I’ve climbed onto the couch after work to just sit there. I’ve learned in quarantine that my productivity is totally shot and motivation is scarce. With summer…

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  • April 2020 Goals

    April Goals

    Thirty-one days can change a lot of things, including goals. At my day job, we got an email Monday from the CEO reminding us that we only make the transition to work from home two weeks ago. It’s been a long two weeks and when it was time to sit down and make my April…

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  • March Goals

    March Goals

    If February was a person, it would have whooped my ass. Actually it still did and it’s not human. There are four full weeks in February and I’ve been sick with something (whether a stomach bug, a cold, or just terrible allergies) all four of those weeks. So this month feels like a blur. I…

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  • February Goals

    This post was originally planned for last week, however I was sick so it didn’t happen. Oops. January felt so fast but gosh was it slow as could be this past month. It just dragged on and on and I’m so glad tomorrow is the end of the month. The last two weeks have been…

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  • January Goals

    January 2020 Goals

    2020 is here and it’s a fresh start, a new chapter in this book that is life. After 2019, I’m ready to reset, realign and get back to work. I’ve taken the last few weeks off from really doing anything creative and just took time to rest. Take last week for instance, New Year’s Day,…

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