Coming in 2017

I can’t believe that 2017 is already here. 2016 was a tough year for me, so I’m glad to see a new year finally here. Last year, I had some big aspirations to publish two books. Then I landed a day job in politics and that was the end of that.

Coming in 2017

In 2016, the only book that came out was Double Played, the sequel to The AssassinWriting and finishing Double Played was an incredibly different experience compared to The Assassin. 

This next year though, I will be putting two books out, with the first one being Justice & Lies. And I’m so excited to share with you the summary of the book!

Winter in Washington, D.C. is the perfect time for a serial killer, or two. Special Agent Cassie Morgan and her team are on the lookout for two men leaving behind a slew of dead cops in their path. As the bodies continue to pile up, Cassie struggles to stay focused thanks to one big distraction:

Brent Rossett’s trial.

Cassie knows she’ll be telling the world a few lies when she takes the stand, but one bombshell confession is soon forgotten when a woman shows up murdered near the courthouse. All signs point to the crime being the Assassin’s, but he has the perfect alibi: his trial.

Now the FBI must deal with a copycat killer, and everyone is watching and waiting for him to come after Cassie. While trying to solve her own assignment, Cassie constantly finds herself in the middle of the copycat case and she’s realizing she might have to make the ultimate deal to finally put an end to the mob’s obsession with her.
In addition to Justice & Lies, I’ll be releasing Hit List, the fourth book. Both of these will probably come out late-summer or early-fall. I’m currently going through and writing both books as one giant book because Hit List picks up just days after Justice & Lies ends. I’m so excited for these two books, because they fit so well together and they’re really the next step from The Assassin and Double Played. 
After both books are out, I’m hoping to work on some stand-alone series at the end of the year (maybe NaNoWriMo), including Super Ordinary, a book I first wrote back when I was a junior in high school. It’ll be fun to dig into that one and how the story has changed in the past few years.
2017 is shaping up to be a promising year, and I’m hoping to really give new life to my book series.
I hope y’all have had a wonderful New Year, and here’s to 2017!


Black Friday Sale

Black Friday and the weekend will feature some new sales!

On Black Friday, you’ll be able to download The Assassin for free and Double Played will be $2.99!

Saturday and Sunday, The Assassin will be $0.99 and Double Played will still be $2.99.

Monday, The Assassin will be $1.99 and Double Played will go back to regular price. If you haven’t already, this weekend is the weekend to buy the books!

You can buy The Assassin here and Double Played here!

Meet My Main Character

I’m currently working on my third book in the Cassie Morgan Series. While I’ve been with Cassie for a long time now as a writer, I realize that many people don’t know her unless they’ve read my books. So, I’d like you to meet my main character.
At the beginning of The Assassin, Cassie is a newer FBI agent, following a rogue FBI agent who is suspected of numerous things, like illegal gambling (and yes, that’s a thing the FBI investigates, according to their website).
The main focus of the book is the Assassin, a serial killer from the 1990s who escapes from prison. Cassie is reassigned to the case to help catch him, and because she meets the victim MO of the killer, she becomes his target (which is the whole point of her joining the case). 
Regardless of what happens in the stories, Cassie is a strong woman. She obviously goes through some pretty big things in the first book, having to catch the Assassin while working with the rogue agent from the beginning of the book. 
When I started writing back in eighth grade (nine years ago), I didn’t know any of the “rules” for creating a character. Writing as Cassie was a very cathartic experience, and she was very much like me. 
Now, almost ten years later, both my character and I have grown up, so to say. Over the years as I’ve developed in my writing skills, Cassie has become much more than just a copy of myself. Personality-wise, I believe she’s very much like I am, except I feel like she’s a much bigger version of what I’d like to be. 
Cassie is just the badass I wish I could be.
After The Assassin, we have Double Played. Double Played, the story jumps forward by six months, and Cassie is struggling still with the aftermath of the first book. The time jump was intentional, as I needed time for Cassie to start recovering. While Cassie, by nature, is an over thinker, I think this really shines through in Double Played. It’s also in Double Played that she starts dating. 
I’m currently working on Justice & Lies, which is brings back a lot of events from the first book. It feels a little like a full circle moment, even though I plan to continue the series after. 

How I Fell in Love with Writing

I’ve told the story of my writing life several times now, to family and friends, but I realized I’ve never taken the time to actually write down how I fell in love with writing.

How I Fell in Love with Writing

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for stories. I loved reading as a kid (still do), and after my trip to Walt Disney World when I was four, I’ve really cherished my imagination. I loved making up stories as a kid.

It wasn’t until the next year that I ventured into writing something on my own. It was one day in science class that I wrote a scene. The scene was of a murder. While this scene doesn’t make it into the final version of the book, it was this scene that started The Assassin.

In October 2010, I made the Top Pick list, and a month later, I was reading my very own HarperCollins review. At 17, I was head over heels at what was happening with my book.

In 2013, I began working for a small press as a publicist. While I was in college earning a degree in public relations and advertising, this seemed to be a great mesh of two things I loved – publishing and publicity. During my time with the company, I realized that I wasn’t totally thrilled with how publishing companies worked.

Two years later, a week before my 22nd birthday, my book was finally released. There’s this giddy feeling about releasing a book, but it’s also terrifying. Releasing my book also solidified my love of writing even more. If this feeling was something I got to keep, I was set for life.

I hope to always be writing, until the day I die.

Loving Your Indie Author Friends

Self-publishing a book is a crazy, wonderful experience. It really takes an army to prepare a book, and once the book is out, it takes another army. In the indie publishing world, there’s this idea that the best thing an author can do for his or her book is to write another one. For a while, there may not be a lot of marketing for the first book.

Loving Your Indie Author Friends

But as a family member or friend, you can definitely help your indie author friend. Today I want to discuss some of the ways you can help your author friends.

1. Read the book

This one is kind of an obvious one, but it’s so important. You can’t really help your author friends if you don’t read their book. Once you read their book, you can tell them whether you like it or not, but don’t be surprised if it catches them off guard – either way.

Especially for indie authors, who spend more days (at least in the beginning) not selling many books (if any), finding out someone read their book is a big thing. Finding out you like it? That’s a really big thing.

Helping your indie authors isn't as hard as you think. Here are 3 simple ways to support your friend's book. Click To Tweet

2. Review it

Reviews are an indie author’s best friend. The more reviews a book has on Amazon, the higher the algorithm will put the book. Reviews also encourage other people to buy the book and read it. Even though some indie authors won’t admit it, making money from our books is something we secretly love. It’s nice to be rewarded like that for our passions.

A book review doesn’t need to be super long. Even just a paragraph about the general plot and what you loved will work. Just make sure it’s honest and heartfelt. If you can, leave a review on Goodreads and where you bought the book (bought it on Kindle, leave a review on Amazon).

3. Share with your friends

If you truly love your friend’s book, share with your other friends. Share a link on Facebook, tell people about it. If you’re active on Goodreads, recommend it to other people. Spreading the news doesn’t take a lot, but you never know who will see your shares on books. It’s all about knowing people, and you may help your friend’s book end up in the hands of a reviewer. You never really know the impact of your reach, so use it to help a friend out.

Of course, these aren’t the end all be all ways to help support a friend who published a book. While I specifically mention indie authors (Because they do all of their own marketing), any author who published a book – whether traditional or indie, it can be simple to help them promote their book.

Most won’t ask you to help, but if you do, that’s just showing your love for your author friend.

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