10 More Apps For College Students

Last year, I wrote a post called 5 Apps for College Students, but I realized there are a lot of apps that you still need. College is a crazy time, and with such awesome technology in our hands, there’s no reason not to use apps to help you with life and school.
10 More Apps for College Students
1. Your Bank Account: College is the first time most people are out on their own, having to learn how to manage money. Your bank account app will help you stay accountable with money.
2. A Calendar: Yes, I absolutely love my paper planner, but sometimes, I’m on the run and don’t always carry my planner with me. Sometimes, I get a date on my email, and I need to add it to a calendar, right then and there. I really love the Sunrise app, which is available on a lot of platforms. You can follow different calendars, so when your favorite sports team plays, it’ll show up on your calendar. Or you can follow airings of your favorite show. Lots of cool features, but you need a calendar, even if you use your default one on your phone.
3. A To-Do List: This goes with the calendar. Yes, I use my planner most days, but sometimes, the planner isn’t with me. I use Todoist, which is simple, and to the point. There’s karma points, which track your productivity level.
4. Dropbox (or another cloud service): You need to be able to have access to all your documents wherever you go. I like to keep school assignments on the cloud so I can print them out easily at school.
5. The Pomodoro App: The Pomodoro system is a time system to keep you focused. I use this app to get things done when I can’t focus. It works 25 minutes on, 5 minutes off. Then after a set number of cycles, you take a longer break.
6. Spotify: I used the Apple Music trial, but I’m moving back to spotify because student discounts are awesome, yes? Whether you use premium or free, it’s nice to have access to music all the time.
7. StudyCal: Sometimes, your professors never update their grades online, even though they give you grades back. StudyCal is a cool app that lets you add your grades, assign due dates, and run your own class. It’s pretty cool.
8. Water Tracker: When you’re on the go all the time, it’s hard to stay hydrated. There’s apps that can specifically help you track your water. I use fitbit because I’m already using it for other things, but if you just want to track water, you can find plenty for your phone.
9. Chegg: If you rent e-books, you’ll want that app on your phone. Even if you have an e-reader, you probably won’t always have said e-reader, and you never know when you’ll need that book. I’m willing to bet you always have your phone on you.
10. Scannable: This app works with Evernote, and it’s amazing. Take a picture of a document, post-it note, or business card, and Scannable will recognize what it is, and add it to Evernote. You can set certain types of documents to file into certain notebooks. Pretty legit if you ask me.
Ten more awesome apps, in addition to the five here. What is your favorite app for school?

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