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1st Day of College Pack List

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The first week of college is right around the corner! Can you believe it? This weekend, thousands of college students will be moving across the country to move into dorms and student apartments. While moving back to school is always fun, especially when you move into a new apartment, sometimes the moving process can be overwhelmed. While we’re overwhelmed, we often get caught up and forget things.
1st Day of Class Pack List
If you’re like me, you’ll still be unpacking and organizing when the first day of classes come. And, especially if you’re a freshman, it’s sometimes hard to know what to bring for a successful first day of class.
1.) Backpack/BagYou’ll need a bag to carry all of your things. The first day you’ll receive a lot of things (as well as take a lot of things), so you’ll need a bag to carry everything. Personally, I like the backpack because it’s a little bit more even when it comes to weight distribution, but it’s always a personal preference.
2.) a Notebook: I know that laptops are all the rage now in college, but hear me out. Technology is good and bad, but a lot of professors are older and don’t like the distractions of laptops and iPhones. So, until you know for a fact that a laptop is okay, there’s no point in lugging it all around. The first day of classes, take a notebook and hand write your notes. Besides, you retain more information handwriting anyways.
3.) Folder: Along with taking notes the first day, you’ll get lots of papers – i.e. syllabi. You’ll want a folder to keep them all together and project them while they hang out in your backpack all day.
4.) Planner (I love the Day Designer): With all those syllabi, you’ll get lots of dates. Like project due dates and test dates. I like to write them down as soon as I can. But, make sure you write all those the dates down in pencil! Professors like to change the dates and there’s nothing worse on a planner than scratched out pen splotches.
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5.) Pencil Bag: If you’re like me, you always have numerous pens and pencils at the bottom of your bag. A pencil bag is a great way to keep all those writing utensils together.
6.) Water Bottle: Especially that first day of class, you will sweat a lot. Your body isn’t used to running around on campus trying to make it one place to another in ten minutes. Water is the best way to re-hydrate yourself. A lot of colleges have places you can refill your bottle at too.
7.) A Jacket: It’s cold in those classrooms, so be sure to bring your jacket. Trust me, by the end of class, you’ll be cold!
That’s my list of things you need to take with you in order to be successful on the first day of class. Are there any things you don’t leave without on the first day?

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