20 Gift Ideas for When You're Out of Ideas

The holiday season is here and that means cooler weather, holiday movies, hot chocolate, and shopping for gifts! Many of us have a few people on our holiday shopping list and just in case you are unsure of what to get a loved one for the holidays, I am here to help. I’ve compiled a list of 20 gift ideas for when you’re out of ideas.
20 Gift Ideas for When You're Out of Ideas

For the Guys

1. A Toiletry Kit from Every Man Jack: Every Man Jack is a great brand that will keep any guy smelling great and feeling clean. The products are affordable, too!
2. A Fancy Bowtie: Every guy needs a cool bowtie for nice occasions. Bowties and ties are must-haves in any guy’s wardrobe.
3. A Manly Sweater: Even guys need some sweaters in their wardrobe to keep them warm this winter. There are so many sweaters that will reflect any guy’s style and fit whatever your budget is.
4. A Watch (he won’t have an excuse to be late anymore): Watches come in a variety of looks, so there is a watch out there that is perfect for any guy. He will love the new accessory to his wardrobe and never (hopefully) be late again.
5. A Set of Shot Glasses: Shot glasses can have the classic-look or have comedic saying on them. They are perfect for the guy who likes to host a party every now and then or just collects them.

For the Ladies

1. A Pair of Earrings: For many ladies, you can never go wrong with jewelry. Earrings are the perfet gift, as the possibilities are endless. There are so many kinds of earrings that will fit your budget and the style of the person you are buying it for.
2. Booties: Booties are in this year and the perfect gift for any shoe-loving lady. With a variety of styles, you will find the perfect pair of booties for the person you are shopping for.
3. Colorful Nail Polish: Nail polish is a great gift for any lady. Whether they strictly stick to reds and pinks or like bright colors like lime green, this is the perfect gift!
4. A Purse: A purse holds every lady’s essentials, so it is important to have a purse that fits their style and will hold everything that she needs. With so many styles and colors, you cannot go wrong with a purse this year.
5. A New Phone Case: Whether she’s an Otterbox-only girl or has a case to match every mood and outfit, a phone case is a great gift for anybody this year!
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For Mom

1. Perfume: Make your mom feel (and smell) like a million bucks this year. A nice bottle of perfume is the perfect gift for your mom because there are so many choices and scents available.
2. Fancy Earrings: Earrings are perfect for any lady, but your mom will love a fancy pair this holiday season. Get her a nice pair of earrings that she can wear to a work function or nice dinner out.
3. A Warm Scarf: Scarves not only keep you warm, but are also such a great accessory! You mom will love a new scarf this year.
4. A Book She’ll Actually Read: Whether she is into cookbooks, top-selling novels, or biographies; a book is the perfect gift for your mom. Take her interests in consideration when choosing a book and she will absolutely love it!
5. A Mother-Daughter Date: Get a gift card or make reservations at her favorite restaurant, nail salon, or massage therapist. Make is a mother-daughter date so that you two can spend some quality time together.

For Dad

1. Some New Tools: If your dad is a handy-man, then tools are the perfect gift for him! He will love the new tools to add to his collection.
2. A New Wallet: Sometimes, dads do not have wallets that are in the best condition. My dad will use his until it is falling apart and if your dad does the same, get him a new wallet to hold all his cards, money, and pictures!
3. A Classy Flask: If your dad drinks, a flash is a great gift. Some places will actually personalize a flask with a message, name, or initials to make it even more special!
4. A New Tie: Whether your dad has a large tie collection or just has a few that he wears when he absolutely has to, any man needs a tie or two! Get him a new one to add to his wardrobe!
5. Gloves: Your dad has worked hard for years and his hands need some love! A new pair of gloves will keep his hands warm during these few months of cold weather and many new gloves can now be used with touchscreen phones, so he will definitely like that.
Hopefully, you feel a little better about your holiday shopping list and know what to get everyone on your list. Now, it is time to get a salted caramel mocha and get shopping!

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