2015 – One Crazy Year

With today and tomorrow left in 2015, it’s time to think about all the incredible things I’ve done this past year. My life is so different from January, and yet I could almost predict some of the things that would happen.
2015 - One Crazy Year
This year, I thought it would be cool to break down the year by month. It’s always fun to see what was happening in life, what was popular, and everything else that happened.
In 2015, I closed two big chapters in my life, but at the same time I opened two others. I traded life as a full-time student for life as a millennial looking for a job. I closed the chapter on “when is the book coming out?” to “Here it is!”
January was the beginning of my spring semester. I took 18 hours, the most I had ever taken. In that month, The Laura Way became Ginger & Co., and Ginger & Books was born.
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February was a month I was busy, and when I went back to see these posts, it really showed by the lack of posts.
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March was the month I realized The Assassin wasn’t going to be out in May, and for a time, I actually trashed the draft and started over. That didn’t last long. I also begin applying for summer internships.
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April? Don’t even remember it. I was too busy doing all the writing. For finals, I had a two story portfolio for my fiction class, a five paper portfolio for my advanced composition class, a tten-page term paper for my media class, half of an online class to finish, and another paper I can’t even remember. On the bright side, I only had one real final in May.
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May was the end of the semester! And the beginning of round two for job interviews. At the end of the month, I took a job with a direct marketing firm. Turns out, direct marketing isn’t my thing, but I’m grateful that I learned that before I graduated.
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June was the month that I worked that job, and then left. Besides that, I really learned how hard it can be to live with thyroid disease, and it was the first time I really had to admit that I have different limits than everyone else because of it.
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July was editing month. I set myself a deadline to get it out by my birthday (November 17th), but I didn’t tell anyone besides my editor and a few close friends. I held onto that date until mid-October when the book was finished. July was my big round of edits before I sent it off to my editor, and I also completed my last basic class for college!
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August was…. what a month. I had finally developed this habit of going to the gym every morning, and I actually felt really good. I had more energy, I was working on the first draft of  Double Played, and my mental health was pretty solid. Then my foot started hurting. Have you ever poked a bruise to find it to be super tender? That’s what my foot felt like – and I was walking on it. Three days before I moved, I went to the doctor to confirm that I had a stress fracture in the third bone in my foot. Hello boot life! I moved back to Huntsville and started my last semester of school.
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September found life and school taking over again. Oh, and more edits. And a boot.
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October was when I first started applying for jobs and internships. Looking back, it was crazy how I was determined to get a job before I graduated. Ha!
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November was a big month. Book releases, birthdays, tornadoes, Thanksgiving. I also appeared on the Author Strong podcast, and a friend of mine interviewed me for a story that ended up on the university’s home page. I also turned 22 and celebrated my last birthday in school.
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December was the end of it all. Graduation and moving back home were the two biggest things that happened to me. Now, I’m looking for jobs in public relations and social media in every major market in Texas. So, now I wait for people to come back from the holidays and hopefully give me interviews.
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2015 has been an absolutely crazy year. So many things have changed, and I know I’m forgetting so many. From my career, my blogging, life in general. I am definitely not the same person I was in January, and I hope I’m not the same person in December 2106. I simply hope to become a better version of myself. And to figure out what that actually means.
From me to you, I hope your year has been awesome, and I hope you have a happy new year!

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