In the past year, I’ve learned that life is constantly changing. I said goodbye to people in life, found my spot in a place that I’ve been in for a few years, all to know I’m going to lose it all next month.
My career saw new changes. I had to admit that my autoimmune disease limits me more than I want it to. I met new people who have had incredible careers, and I’ve taken the steps to start my own career in the professional world.
Today is the start of another year. 22. 21 was a big lead up, and a week ago, I finally released that book. Now, 22 will be about expanding and exploring. College is about to end and the rest of my life begins. It’s time to see what is out there in the world, to meet new people, push my boundaries, pour my heart into more stories.
22 has many scary things staring me in the face right now, but there’s so much to look forward to.
So, 22, bring it on.

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