5 Things for a Great First Day

College students everywhere are heading back to school this week. Maybe you’ve already started (happy first day!) or maybe you’re like my alma mater (that’s so weird to say) and you start classes Wednesday. Either way, the beginning of the semester is a fresh start – especially since it’s the new year! A big key to a successful college semester is the ability to plan ahead, but still roll with the flow when the plan doesn’t work (isn’t life like that?). Today, I want to talk about 5 things for a great first day, that you do the night before.
5 Things for a Great First Day

1. plan ahead

If you can, print the syllabi for classes out early. If you can’t print them, try and find them online. Color code your classes and write down due dates. I say do this early because I know at my school, computer labs would be packed for a week, week and a half, after classes started with people trying to print all their documents for class.

2. pack your bag the night before

 I’ve already told you (literally thousands of you) what to take on your first day of class, so now it’s time to pack it all up.

3. find your classes

You won’t need this as much when you’re a senior, but as a freshman, find those classes early! Even if you look at a map online, you need to have a general idea of where your classes are. If you can, get out to campus the day before classes start and walk around to find them. I know SHSU does a program where seniors will walk freshman to their classes the day before, just so it’s less chaotic on the first day.

4. clean a little

With classes starting up again, you’ll be busier. I don’t know about you, but I find it really distracting if my desk is too messy. While you have the time, get organized. Clear off your desk and give yourself a clean slate for the beginning of the semester.
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5. relax

College is one giant rollercoaster. Take the night off and relax. Whether it’s curling up with a good book, watching netflix, enjoying a glass of wine (or all of the above for myself), take it easy. You have all semester to go have fun with your friends.

6. get some sleep

This is an obvious one, but so true. College students are notorious for not sleeping well. Take advantage of that magical thing while you still can, before the tests and the projects all pile up.
Having a great start to your semester will increase your chances of having a great semester all around. You need to be physically and mentally ready for whatever college throws at you. Taking time to rest will help you in so many ways.
For all of you starting your semester this week, good luck!

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