5 Apps Every College Student Needs

Nowadays, college is all about technology. Laptops and tablets and smartphones. With all this awesome technology, it’s important to make sure that we have apps that will help us. Social media is fun and all, but there are so many apps you could be missing out.
5 Apps For College Students
1. Evernote: Evernote is one of those apps I’ll use probably the rest of my life. You can keep notebooks after notebooks of information. People use it to run etsy shops, make grocery lists and run blogs. While I do use it a lot for my novels and blogging, I originally started using Evernote for school. I have notebooks full of notes from my mass communications classes, notes that I hope I’ll be able to refer back to in my career.
You can use the web app, download it to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Or if you’re like me, you have all of them. It’s nice to take for classes, but if I’m out and about, I can whip out my phone and take a note too.
2. Blackboard: If your school uses blackboard, this is a must! If you don’t have access to a computer, you can use this app to get everything you’d find online, grades, assignments, the class syllabus, etc. The only problem is, you have to log in every time, but when you’re in a crunch, it’s good to have that access.
3. Kindle/Nook: I don’t care how much you don’t want to read, you need this app. Reading outside of classes makes you smarter and makes it easier to retain information in your classes. Hearing that people don’t want to read because they don’t have time or don’t like to is one of my biggest pet peeves. I don’t get why you wouldn’t read when all it does is benefit you! Some schools also let you buy ebooks through Nook (Which is run by Barnes and Noble – who has a lot of official school bookstores).
4. Some sort of news app: Even better if you have multiple ones. You’re about to enter the real world when you graduate. It’s downright pathetic how many people don’t know what’s going on nowadays and it can be dangerous. Depending on how much space I have on my phone, I’ll usually have a slew of news apps. Right now I have CNN and Fox News, but I’ve been known to have BBC on my phone too (BBC went off in the middle of my college political science class one time).
5. LinkedIn: Linkedin is a fantastic tool to meet people and land a job. While this may seem like an app you need after graduation, wouldn’t it be better to have a list of places you want to apply to and possibly land a job with before you graduate?
These are just a few apps that I have on my phone and the few that I think you need for college. Callie at Coffee and Cardigans did a brilliant post on post-college apps.
Are there any apps you wish you had for college?

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