5 Apps I Use to Keep My Life Together

Since I started my full-time job back in May, I’ve seen myself relying more and more on the help of apps to keep my life somewhat organized. Between my job, blogging, being an author, and trying to have a social life in this crazy city, it takes a lot to keep it all together. I’m always interested in what systems people use, so I figured I’d share the 5 apps I use to keep my life together.
5 Apps I Use to Keep My Life Together

1. Dropbox

I bet you were expecting Evernote, huh? Evernote is further down this list, but I use Dropbox to store everything. Earlier this year, I paid the $120 to go pro, and it was totally worth it. I store just about everything in Dropbox, using it more like “My Documents” folder.  Everything related to work goes in there, everything related to self-publishing and the Laura Teagan brand goes in there, as does blogging. I also love that I can selective sync files on my computer with Dropbox, so when I finish a project at work, I can keep the files in Dropbox, but not have them take up space on my hard drive.
Most of the automated magic happens on my phone, though. Instead of using photo stream or iCloud Drive (or whatever it’s called now), I use Dropbox to sync all my photos. It’s also a great way to transfer photos from my laptop to my phone, like if I want to use a photo on Instagram.

2. Todoist

I’ve talked about Todoist before, and for a good reason. My favorite thing on the phone app is the ability to swipe and be done with the task. Doist, the company behind the app, says they’re working on a new Mac app, and I hope the swipe comes to that, too. And now that I’ve learned all the shortcuts for quickly adding tasks (like how to sort by projects while quick adding the task), it makes using the app that much better.
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3. Evernote

Notes on the go are super easy with the phone app. If I’m away from my computer and I have an idea, it’s easy to write it down in the app, add a reminder, and then get reminded while I’m working later. The search functions are powerful, too, and every time I post an Instagram photo, I search for a note with all my hashtags to use. By this point, I think I type in “hash” and Evernote knows exactly what I’m talking about.
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4. Fitbit

Fitbit is my favorite app that I rarely use. With my autoimmune disease, I try to move around as much as possible. My office is small, so it can be hard, but I track steps during the day, and I love that it tracks my sleep at night. Sleep tracking isn’t the best, but considering I forget to do it myself, automatic works just fine for me. I need to get into the habit of posting what I eat in there, too.
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5. Chase Bank app

Chase is the bank I use, so I love having the app on my phone. It’s pretty easy to check my balance and see where my money is going. As I’m about to move out of my grandparents’ house, keeping track of it is pretty critical.
There are plenty of other apps I use on a regular basis, like the Music app, Radarscope, and the messages app, but these are really the five that I use to keep my life organized on a regular basis.
Tell me, do you use any of these apps?

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