5 Things to Include on Your Blog's Footer

Today, I want to talk about blog footers. You know those things way at the bottom of the page? If someone makes it through your whole webpage, that’s the last thing they’re looking at. I recently took some time to update my footer to add more information.  Your blog footer won’t get as much traffic as your header or your main content.  But if someone makes it to your footer, they’re probably interested in what you have to offer and to say. Given the fact that it’s such a prime spot on your page, you want to make sure the information you have is important. Here are 5 things you can possibly add to your footer, and why.
5 Things to Include on Your Blog's Footer

1. Sign-up form

The theme I’m using now, Boss Lady, has a spot built in for newsletter sign-ups near the footer, so I don’t have to use a “footer” widget spot there.  Adding a sign-up form there puts it front and center in your reader’s head when they get to the bottom. Also, most WordPress themes are designed so footer widgets don’t seem “in the way.”

2. social links

Links to your social media accounts are simple, look decent, and can help remind people to visit you elsewhere! If you want something more visual, you can add the social boxes from the networks, like the Page Plugin from Facebook or embed a timeline of your tweets.
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3. recent posts

Keep people on your site by giving them the option of recent posts to visit. You can swap this out with popular posts, too.

4. Link to Other Pages

On my footer, I have social links and a few other extra links, specifically about my life and my books. These also work like recent and popular posts, giving your readers more opportunities to explore. With your top menu, you’re often confined to how many links you can share. A footer allows you to dig a little deeper in sharing your content.

5. list contact information

Want to make it super easy for people to get a hold of you? List your email address at the bottom of your footer. If you’re a business with a phone number, you can list that, too.
By taking time to plan what your footer looks like, you’ll make it look cleaner and more organized. Which means people will be more likely to utilize what you have on your footer. While your footer isn’t the make or break it section, don’t just dismiss it for nothing. It is important.

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