6 Apps for the New Year

Last month I wrote a post about 6 Ways To Start The New Year Right, and along the same line of that post I want to tell you about apps I use to help me everyday. How many apps do you use everyday? I’m sure many of us can count at least a handful of apps that we use throughout the day. I have about ten apps that I use everyday and I keep all of those apps on my iPhone homescreen.
Today I’m going to tell you about six of them that really make a difference in my day to day activities.
6 Apps for the New Year

1. Todoist

Laura introduced me to Todoist and after many tries I finally buckled down and learned the basics of using it and I’m now hooked! I put everything from emails that I need to send to blog post ideas in Todoist. I’m thinking I might put school assignments in there too as an easy way to mark them off electronically. I really love the Pro feature where I can set things to occur every week or every day at the same time. I have work tasks like ordering products, making a schedule and making reminder calls that have to be done on the same day each week and it is so easy to schedule those in Todoist.
Want to know more about Todoist? Check out a post Laura wrote all about how she uses Todoist!

2. Dropbox

Everyone should use some type of cloud service to store files and keep backups. I’ve been using Dropbox for about three years after my cousin sent me a link to it. I am in love with it because it is so easy to use, I can have it on all my devices, and it has a great feature where I can see previous versions of my files. I have mine set to download all my photos from my iPhone and iPad so that all I have to do is open my Mac and they are in a file. I also use it for work so when I don’t have my Mac with me I still have access to spreadsheets or forms. Dropbox also works with the Microsoft Office apps so it’s easy to make changes to documents on my iPad when I’m away from my mac.
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There are other types of programs, like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Apple iCloud Drive which are probably the most popular and well known types of cloud programs. Find the one that works best for you, but definitely I recommend that you use some type of cloud program because it will make your life and documents so much easier to manage.

3. 1Password

I listened to a Podcast last summer from a lady who was hacked. It terrified me to the point of changing all my passwords and adding Two-Step Verification to any sites that have that feature. I also downloaded 1Password which is one of the highest rated password apps. I tried out the standard features and then bought the Pro version. I use different passwords everywhere and sometimes I’m constantly changing them because the site requires the passwords to regularly be updated, so having one place to store my passwords was awesome! The app uses a master password and you can set Touch ID if you have an iPhone. My passwords feel secure and I never worry about forgetting my passwords again.

4. Fitbit

I’ve used a FitBit on and off for about two years now. We moved recently and I found my Fitbit and charger so I took that as a sign that I needed to start wearing it again. I’ve been wearing it everyday since January 4th. I love seeing how much I’ve walked and the sleep tracker is amazing! It’s also a great place to keep up with how much water I am drinking everyday. Laura and I both have a FitBit and it’s nice to take the daily or weekly challenge with your friends. You can also use the FitBit app even if you do not own a FitBit, and in this case your phone becomes the step tracker. FitBit has a variety of trackers and many are pretty inexpensive, so it’s something I recommend to anyone who wants to track their health or exercise.

5. OneNote

Y’all know by now that I cannot live without OneNote! You also know that Laura is the complete opposite of me and loves Evernote. Whichever app you use, we both recommend using one to keep up with notes, ideas, assignments, grocery lists, etc. You can save photos, links from the internet and more! Interested in how to use OneNote? Check out my posts for college students here and here, plus 5 Reasons You Should Use OneNote here.

6. iCal

I use both a physical and virtual calendar. I like the physical because writing everything out helps me to keep track of all my appointments and assignments, but I like my virtual calendar because it is easy to open it up and make changes or double check what time I have to do something. I use iCal because it’s easy to use and it’s a built in app, so one less thing to download. If you wanna know more about how I use iCal you should check out the post I did a few months ago.
What apps do you use every day or recommend to your friends?

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