6 Apps I Actually Use to Save and Make Money

As a millennial, everyone I talk to is concerned about money, in one way or another. For some, it’s about being responsible with the money they have. For others, its about creating more income. Even if you’re not pinching pennies as a young adult, it can never hurt to have more money in your bank account, and in your pocket.
6 Apps I Actually Use to Earn and Save Money
There are several ways to increase your income, and save money. But the most successful ways for me in my two years out of college have come from my smart phone, through a combination of 6 different apps. I’ve also added how much I saved or earned last year. Spoiler alert: it’s over $700.
6 Apps for Saving and Making Money
1. Cartwheel
Cartwheel is Target’s savings app, and provides discounts on food, home, office supplies, and pretty much anything else you need. I’ve found the best times to use Cartwheel are for sales on seasonal items and appliances. If you shop for groceries at Target, there are plenty of discounts there too, which can be paired with Ibotta and Checkout 51 rebates! The downside of Cartwheel is that you can only have 15 discounts at a time in “My Cartwheel” so if you’re stocking up on groceries that have discounts, you’ll need to choose wisely.
Total 2015 savings: $55.00
2. Kroger App
If you don’t have a Kroger near you, hit up google and see if any of the grocery stores in your area have an app, and a rewards program. With a Kroger card, I get fuel points (which translates to discounts at Kroger gas stations), and digital coupons that I can add directly to my Kroger card from the app. Many of these coupons are similar to the coupons offered in your local paper, and since most people don’t get a news paper anymore, this means you still get discounts. While you could add the coupons from the internet, I highly recommend the Kroger app, because you can add them from anywhere.
Total 2015 savings: $200+ (Including in store discounts from my Kroger card and fuel points)

3. Ibotta

Ibotta is a fairly new app that offers you varying rebates for different items. Some are generic items, like fruits and vegetables, and others are brand specific. Rebates build up over time, and you can redeem anything over $10 to PayPal, or a gift card. There are bonuses for redeeming different rebates, as well as teamwork challenges. Join my team using this link: http://ibotta.com/r/pksespr and earn a $5 bonus when you scan your first rebate.

Total 2015 earnings: $111.90

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4. MyPoints

MyPoints is a computer based “rewards program,” but the app also has helpful features. With MyPoints, you complete surveys, searches, watch videos, shop, and more to earn points, which can be redeemed for various gift cards or for PayPal. The fastest way to earn enough points for gift cards is by shopping. I tend to shop online anyway, so for me, it’s an easy way to earn points. The app also includes scan and earn features similar to Ibotta.
Total 2015 earnings: $200 (I redeemed my points for Target gift cards)
5. Checkout 51
Checkout 51 is pretty much the same as Ibotta, but with different rebates. Sometimes the two overlap, and because they’re unrelated, you can redeem the same receipt on each app. Checkout 51 was recently acquired by another company, and since then the rebates have gotten much better. Honestly, I didn’t make much with the app in 2015, but plan to use it more in the future.
Total 2015 earnings: $7.50
6. Poshmark
If you haven’t heard of Poshmark, welcome to the wonderful world of thrifting without wasting time picking through hundreds of items you don’t want. Plus, you can sell your unused clothes, and get credit towards a purchase, or cash. Use the code BLWZH when you create your account for $10 in credit toward your first purchase! And if you’re going to start selling things on Poshmark, check out my tips for selling more, and selling quickly.
Total 2015 earnings: $209
Alright. If you don’t want to do the math on how much I saved and earned in 2015 using my iPhone, I’ll do it for you. I saved over $255, and earned an extra $528.40. That number didn’t happen overnight, it took 365 days to get there. But having an extra $783.40 in my bank account is pretty awesome.
If you have any questions about the apps I use, or why I don’t use others, tweet me @chatwithleahk!

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