The Ginger's Blog Tips: About Me Pages

Hands down, I think your About Me page is the most important page that you have (besides the blog page). Your About Me page gives the readers a little glimpse of who you are, but you don’t want to give them too much. In writing, we have this term called “info dump” which pretty much means, let’s dump everything you need to know on you all at once!

The "About Me" page is the most important page on your blog, besides  your actual content. Getting the page right is crucial, so here's some tips to rock it.

Don’t do that. No one wants to know absolutely everything about you in one setting and if you tell everyone everything about you, you’ve just killed off a lot of topic ideas. Give a bit of the basic info but don’t divulge into your life story. You want a little “Hook” at the beginning too to capture the audience. Mine is “Forget the sexy. I’m all about the goofy” and if you’ve followed my blog you know that that is a pretty accurate statement.

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Another trick to keep people interested is to add links to previous posts in your about me page. I have links to my blogging series, a post about depression and a link to my book’s page on mine, including other things. Your About Me page is a pitch as to why someone should stay on your blog. It ties into the good content thing: you need to be able to offer something they don’t have to keep people in long enough to fall in love with you.

Your About Me page needs to offer something to people besides just you, but it also need to be a great representation of you. And please, unless you’re a disguised person of high degree, do not write it in third person! Well, you can, but that’s one of my biggest pet peeves. If you haven’t become pretty well known and you’re writing a third person biography, you’re going to see a little bit egocentric and it’s just tacky! When you introduce yourself to someone in real life, you don’t introduce yourself in third person, do you? Your About Me page is no different!

Capture yourself well, just don’t capture your whole self at once.

What is your best tip for an about me page?

Also, as a side note, keep in mind the families of those lost on 9/11. 

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