April 2024 Recap

When you live in Texas, April is really just the tease of summer. I started the month off with my first ever work trip, to the other end of Austin, but so many people at the conference came from across the country. My day job is remote, so it was so nice to meet people for the first time, but also see co-workers that I hadn’t seen in person since March 2020 when we all worked at the other place.

Every month, I break my goals down in three main goals, goal one is always writing related, goal two is more marketing focused, while the last one is more personal/health related. I’ve had an autoimmune disease for twelve years and having just turned 30 in November, I’m really trying to focus on getting that under control because it will only get harder.

April was a lackluster month when it comes to goals, whoops.

Goal One: 60,000 words between Part I and Part II in Project Whisper.

Project Whisper is a project I’m working on, but it’s changed scope a little bit in April, so I’m kind of putting it to the side while I come back to my current book, Lost in the Hay. This story was a story I started in Camp NaoNoWriMo, and back then it was called The Girl in the Hay Bale. I’m going back to write it in May and June, but I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

In April, I wrote 6,738 words. Ouch.

Goal Two:  Focus on Instagram to build my audience.

This is a slow process, but I’ve been doing better. I struggle with videos and I know that’s the key to growing on Instagram these days.

Goal Three: Daily score of 75 or more

I have a way to track daily scores with habits and memories, but I never stick with it. It’s a new month though, so I’m hoping that I stick with it this month.

April was just weird and I’m glad to have it behind me.

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