April Goals

It’s been more than a month since I last published a blog post, and in that time I’ve done a lot of thinking. March was a strange month. I saw bloggers and posts that spoke to my problem with blogging on a level I didn’t think anyone else could understand.
April Goals
I lost a loved one, after eight years in a battle with cancer, she went home. Death is a strange thing, and I feel like it’s been in the forefront of my mind a lot in the past month.
Enough of the dark, depressing things. To be honest, I didn’t make any goals for March. March was just about working on edits and looking for jobs.
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The job search is a funny thing. It ebbs and flows, some weeks I hear nothing. Some weeks (like a few weeks ago), I have three interviews in two days. I feel like I’m getting close. Right now, I feel like I’m getting close. Closing in on something. But I don’t think that something is buy medications online here in Dallas-Fort Worth.
But I finished edits on Double Played, and last night, I started the first draft of the third book, which now has a name! Justice & Lies, and I’ll be writing the whole first draft for Camp Nano!
Since I don’t have an actual goals list from March, I can’t compare and contrast, but I have a lot of plans for this month.


-continue applying for jobs
-follow up with said jobs
-finish my portfolio website
-maybe make my first presentation about social media


-send Double Played to a few beta readers
-do a read through of Double Played toward the end of the month
-write first draft of Justice & Lies for Camp Nanowrimo
-finish the synopsis for Justice & Lies
send Double Played to the editor


-build up my newsletter
-launch my mini-course on Evernote
-start building up some back log posts
-go through and change image style on popular posts (again)
-maybe add some affiliate links on popular posts


-start waking up early. EVERY MORNING. FOR ROUTINE.
-try to cut out soda
-clean my desk every other day
-get 50% with operation paperless
-Lights out. 11:30.
-set more of a schedule for when I do certain tasks (like what day of the week I focus on social media, what day I plan out my week, etc)
I think that’s a good set of goals, right? Tell me, what are you planning to do in the month of April?

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