August Goals

This week was my three month anniversary at my job, which kind of blows my mind. Only three more months until the election, and I can tell the next three months may be the most insane of my life. Originally, I was hoping to release my third book in November, but as I get closer and closer to the election, I realize this is probably not happening unless I manage to function without sleep.
And I like my sleep, so probably not putting out a second book this year.
August Goals
The past month, I really feel like I found a groove as far as a social life. I have a group of friends, and it’s really awesome.
The rest is still a mess. July felt like a blur, and I’m sure I got five of these done, tops.


-just keeping it up? That’s not even a goal, but whatever.


finish editing Double Played
begin post-production on Double Played
begin first round of rewrites on Justice & Lies


-Get back to an editorial calendar (I have a feeling once I move, I’ll have lots of posts involving that)
-Evernote e-course, at least one of them


-figure out a timetable to move. I’m living with my grandparents, and it’s great, but I don’t want to overstay my welcome
-find someone to live with
-go on some darn walks
get my A/C fixed
and then save all the money
Okay, so I did get a few more accomplished than five, but not many! Now that I work full time, there’s this balance between getting everything done. I haven’t quite figured out how to balance everything, but now that I’ve finished edits on Double PlayedI plan to spend a week or two working on blog content. While I love being Laura Teagan, Laura Toeniskoetter needs to write some nonfiction content.
So what’s on the dock for August?


-Get ahead. Yesterday I was moved off an account to dedicate more time to a different one, so I’m hoping to dedicate more time and really get ahead with everything
-start brainstorming ideas for November.

The Books

-One last round to look for typos on Double Played
Post-production on Double Played 
-Begin rewrites on Justice & Lies
celebrate one year of Laura Teagan!

The Blog

-start working on some posts I can use later on, like during election time.
-I think I have an editorial schedule I can work with. I just need to spend a day writing it all!
-continue moving Ginger & Books posts to the Ginger & Co. name
-take one Saturday to write all the blog posts!


-move? I think I actually found a place to move to!
-eat better. The past week and a half has been bad in regards to eating. I think I may try the Paleo diet when I move. Something to think about.
-social life!

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