Two years after she was arrested for the murder of her mother, Nicole “Nikki” Robinson has been acquitted of the murder, much to the dismay of the public. 

Freedom comes with a price. She’s thrown out into the world with no home. People are sending her death threats across the country. The media and the public wrote her off as “guilty” long before the trial. Everywhere she goes, she’s met by hatred and disgust. 

Nikki realizes the only way anyone will ever leave her alone is to finally put the doubt to rest and find out who killed her mother that night. It’s a dangerous decision; she soon discovers when she’s the target of multiple assassination attempts.

Against the protests of the public, she’s soon under protective watch to save her life and keep her from digging into the past, but she refuses to let it go until she finds the killer.  With the help from her lawyer’s son, Chas, she must find out who the killer is because now it’s obvious her life is in danger whether she investigates the murder or not.