Be Civil, Damnit.

In five short days, the United States will finally know who our next president will be. I don’t think there’s ever been an election quite like this, but either way, it’s obvious that it’ll be more polarizing that ever before. Today I’d like to just take a moment to remind everyone, that regardless of the outcome Tuesday evening, be civil, damnit.
Be Civil, Damnit
Look, I get it, our candidates suck, in totally different ways. They’re both shady as hell, and quite frankly, I don’t know if I think either one of them is qualified to be president. But don’t let the two awful candidates we have make you a reflection of them. When Tuesday evening comes around, I know it’ll be easy to call people names, tell them they suck, get online and say horrible things about either candidate.
You as an individual are better than that.
The whole world will be watching Tuesday night as we seal our fate for four years. While we’re stuck with until 2021, let us use this moment to remind the world that we’re better than our candidates.
While I think it’s 100% fair game to criticize candidates for what they do and their policies, let’s at least be civil while doing it, okay? Let’s treat one another respectfully, even if someone else doesn’t treat us fairly.
Be civil, please.

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