The Ginger's Blog Tips: Blog Planners

If you want to be serious about blogging, you need a game plan. a plan. Hence why you need a blog planner. There’s tons of benefits to this – but the biggest one, if you’re really wanting to make blogging a business venture, you need to be ahead of the game. I’m currently working on getting ahead and will probably be about two weeks ahead of blog posts soon.

Blogg Planners

Why do you want to be ahead of the game? You need to be consistent because consistency is what keeps people around. The blog planner gives you the time to really plan out your blog posts so that way when you have a crazy hectic day, you already have a blog post going out.

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Blog planners also give you the ability to see themes in your blogging. I love being able to look at a month’s layout and see posts that tie in together – like this week has a lot of posts about planners.

Blog planners (if you specifically buy a blog planner) usually have spaces for you to track stats. I need to get better about this, but it’s still good to track them. There’s also spaces for tracking money you make and money you spend, ideas for blog posts, and to-dos.

Right now, the planner I’m using is the 2014 Blog Action Planner by The Native New Yawker along with this blog pad planner from Heart and Arrow Designs. I use both because I love that the blog pad has a little check list for each day, which the blog action planner doesn’t. They work extremely well together.

I’ve used many blog planners and there’s plenty out there.

Have you tried a blog planner? Or do you try to make it work in your every day planner? Or do you just wing it? 

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