Be Bold in 2017 // Blogging Goals + 3 Years

Be Bold in 2017 is a four-week link-up to cover our goals for the year.
Today we’re talking about our blogging goals, which happens to be kind of perfect because today is also Ginger & Co.’s THIRD BIRTHDAY! It was three years ago today, I hit publish on a little blog post called “Howdy.” So for today to be “blogging goals” day, it fits, doesn’t it?
Be Bold // Blogging Goals
2016 was a year where I had many plans, and I think I got one plan done.
If you’re on a reader, hop on over and see the new Ginger & Co. This was one of my biggest blogging plans for the year. You see, it took me a long time to really figure out what my main focus was with the blog, and after three years, I think I’ve stumbled into it.
2017 is all about helping other creatives get organized (and working on better organization for myself). With that came some new designs and new sections. Also new is The Starter’s Guide to Evernote, which you can get by signing up over there on the right.
As far as my other goals?

1. Launch Three E-Courses

I have two already planned, and I think I’ve settled on a third one, but one I’m definitely planning to do is social media and everything digital for authors. It’ll include tips for building your audience, how to keep track of everything you do, and more. Another one I’m planning to do is how to use Evernote for blogging.
You’ll be seeing a lot of Evernote references this year (even more so than last year).
Speaking of Evernote….
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2. The Evernote Template Shop

Evernote templates are these really cool templates, but finding places where you can get templates is hard to find. I can think of two that I know of off the top of my head, and no more. So since there aren’t a lot of places to find good templates that you can use over and over again, I’m planning to launch a store so you can use these templates (store is a subjective word – they won’t cost anything).
That’s “officially” launching next week (but you can click the link now).

3. Be Consistent with my Newsletters

I’ve always been horrible about sending out newsletters, so this is the year I’ll change that. Going along with my word of the year “consistency,” I want to make sure that every Sunday morning, my newsletter subscribers have a new love note from me. I want to be consistent both with my blog newsletters and my newsletters for Laura Teagan.
When I was putting my Best of 2016 post a few weeks back, I was genuinely surprised by how many posts I wrote last year that I still loved.  I want to continue making quality posts like that. Posts I can still be proud of months later.
As I close out another year of blogging and start a new year, I’m excited for the future and what I can make of it.
What are some of your blogging goals for 2017?

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