Be Bold in 2017 // Health Goals

Having done the Be Bold challenge last year, I’ve had the opportunity to go back and see what my goals were last year and how I did in comparison to what I thought I would do.

Last year, I talked about wanting 2016 to be a “metal health” year, and whether or not I did it intentionally, I kind of did. After moving to Austin, my depression has become such a smaller issue than it used to be. Of course there were times that I struggled with it – the holidays, losing my job, when I first moved here and didn’t know anyone. But the day to day depression and gloominess I used to have back in college.
I wish I had some special secret to why this no longer is an issue, but I don’t. It just isn’t.
While last year was more a mental health year, I predicted that not much would happen in terms of my thyroid disease.
Boy was I wrong.
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In May, my former doctor changed my medicine because we weren’t seeing the results he wanted for me. The change in medicine wasn’t properly adjusted in dosage and I gained 30 pounds in a month. Then I ended up gaining another ten the next month.
Fed up with the weight gain and struggling for answers (mainly to the question “WHY!?”, I got a new doctor and I’ve learned a lot from her. Like my metabolism rate is only 15%, which is why it’s so hard to lose weight.
I met with a dietitian at my doctor’s office this week to go over what I need to do to lose weight (Cause I need to lose weight). This year will really focus on eating better and slowly losing some of the weight I’ve gained in the past five and a half years.
There’s a lot to work on in 2017, but this year will be the year it happens.
What are some of your health goals for 2017? 

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