Cassie Morgan is an FBI agent with a bright future ahead of her and no past behind her. When an investigation turns to a rouge agent, Cassie becomes involved with something much bigger.

the assassin

Cassie Morgan is so close to snagging her man – an FBI agent gone rogue. Until he cons her into going after a serial killer on the run. Learn More.

double played

Six months after meeting the Assassin, Cassie Morgan is back in the FBI, teamed up with a DEA agent to find a murderer amongst a ring of drug dealers. Learn More.

justice and lies

All Cassie Morgan wants is for everyone to forget she exists. A former foster child, she spent most of her life hiding in plain sight, first in foster care and then as an FBI agent. It’s been four years since she became a national obsession after arresting her long-lost father. Coming Soon.

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