All Cassie Morgan wants is for everyone to forget she exists. A former foster child, she spent most of her life hiding in plain sight, first in foster care and then as an FBI agent. It’s been four years since she became a national obsession after arresting her long-lost father.

It’s been four years of delays, but now Cassie gets to face her father when she testifies at his trial – one that the country will be watching. But days before the trial starts, a suspicious box addressed to Cassie with a stark warning ruins her sting operation and drags her back to the underground criminal world of Brent Rossett and his mob.

Wanting to put this part of her history in the past, Cassie knows the only way to stop it is to dismantle the mob and its lies from the inside. With help from her old team and a source deep on the inside, Cassie might get the opportunity to finally set the story straight and end it.

Other titles in the Cassie Morgan Series

the assassin

Cassie Morgan is one of the brightest young stars in the FBI. Her latest assignment? Investigating Connor Anders, a rogue agent who is considered a living legend to some.

After a run-in with Anders goes wrong, Cassie is given a unique opportunity. Anders offers her a deal, hoping to keep the FBI off his own back. If he helps Cassie catch a serial killer known as The Assassin, she’ll stop investigating him. But working with on the other side of crime has consequences, and soon Cassie finds herself on The Assassin’s radar.

Now, Cassie and Anders must locate the killer and bring him down, all while keeping their partnership a secret and hiding Cassie so she isn’t The Assassin’s next victim.

double played

Six months after Cassie Morgan faced The Assassin, it’s time for her to get back to work. After a break from the FBI, Cassie arrives to find her first assignment: the death of her former informant, Maria Floures.

In order to bring justice to Floures, Cassie is assigned to work with a group of DEA agents investigating a drug ring that has ties to Floures and the man suggested of murdering her. One of those DEA agents is Seth Edwards, a man who recently stood Cassie up on a blind date.

While she tries to ignore the tension between her and Seth, the two must work closely together when Seth goes undercover to infiltrate the drug group tied to Floures. Once he’s in, Cassie realizes that this group may be connected to more than just Floures. As they peel back the structure of the drug ring, Cassie realizes a figure from her past is at the head of it, and Cassie may have just been double played.