Justice and Lies

Cassie Morgan is tired of her “sensational” past following her around. It’s been five years since her father, serial killer Brent Rossett, broke out of jail and tried to end her life. Now, after years of delay, Cassie will take the stand to tell her side of the Assassin’s story. The only survivor of a murderer, Cassie knows her testimony has the ability to put him away for the rest of his life.

She just needs to survive long enough to tell it, as the criminal organization behind Rossett’s jailbreak wants to make sure she doesn’t. It’s been long enough trying to keep her life and avoid the mob, so this time, Cassie is ready to go face to face with them and dismantle the mob arrest by arrest. After reconnecting with Connor Anders to learn everyone’s dirty secret, Cassie just might have a shot at putting the past in the past, as long as she manages to stay three steps ahead of the men who want her dead.

In a race to bring justice to the women who Rossett murdered and those hurt by the mob, Cassie will have to protect herself and everyone around her before someone kills her. Protecting everyone means telling lies to keep them safe, and before the mob catches her, the lies might be the thing that finally does Cassie in.

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