Sneak Peek for Bullets and Bylines

Bullets and Bylines Sneak Peek

It’s time to hunker down and get the wheels grinding again. Y’all, I am almost done with writing books for the year! The next two books will be out before my birthday in November, which means two books in three months. Crazy? You bet, but I’m ready for this. I’ll be breaking down everything going on soon (both with books and in my regular life) but for now, I just want to share something with you. Something pretty awesome.

Sneak Peek for Bullets and Bylines

A sneak peek! In the next few weeks, you should expect to see more and more about the next two books in the Emily Burnet series – Bullets and Bylines and then Cameras and Confessions.

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For now though, you can read the first sneak peek of Bullet and Bylines today!

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