Celebrating the Holidays with CK Mondavi

Disclaimer: I was provided the wine for review, but all opinions are my own. 

With my 21st birthday back in November, I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty chicken on trying new wines. I mean, who wants to buy a whole bottle only to not like it? This girl, so I’ve stuck with what I’ve been drinking. Until the holidays came around and I had the opportunity to try CK Mondavi wines.


When the bottles of wine arrived at my house, even my dad was impressed by the wines. I was happy because I like my wine dark and red (I think it has to be because I’m Catholic and that’s what I grew up stealing sips of). Two red wines? Score!

In my box, I had a bottle of CK Modavi Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. All were wonderful, but I have to say, by far, my favorite was the Cabernet Sauvignon. It was dry, and dark, but it still was a little bit sweet.

The nice thing about the wine was we were able to enjoy it over multiple nights over the holidays. My whole life, I’ve had memories of family members gathering around giant tables (there’s 27 people on the maternal side of the family) with wine. So, this was a great way to recreate a giant tradition in the comfort of home with my parents. Even better, CK Mondavi is a family-owned business, so it felt right to share it with the family. And the company and family are based in the United States (in fact, Mondavi wines were the first wines to win the 100% Made in the USA Certified), which I love, because it’s such a testament to the American Spirit – hard work will get you great places.

Though, I have to admit, my favorite part? The price. That seems so silly, but at $6.99 for a bottle each, that is so easy on the college budget! When it comes to bringing wine to parties, holiday functions or get-togethers now, I have to say, CK Mondavi will be my go-to wine. It’s just a perfect fit for me.

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How do you and your family celebrate the holidays?

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