Coming Soon to an E-Reader Near You

Yep, totally just tried to act like the movie announce guy, but it’s time that we let the news out! After months of delays, years of sweat, tears, and a little bit of blood, it’s time for a book to come out.
Coming to an e-reader near you
Yes, The Assassin is coming out soon. Like, in two weeks soon. November 10th! There’s a few details that I do want to cover here before the release day.
The Assassin will only be available on Kindle. Once the sequel is out, both books will be available on all platforms. You will be able to order a signed copy of the book (paperback only). If you want to get one of the first paperback copies, fill out this form so you can get it soon.
For more information about The Assassin, Double Played (the sequel), and more book news, be sure to sign up for #TeamTAB (this is different than the Book Club).

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