Cover Reveal: Lost in the Canyon

I’m internet old-school, I still love a cover reveal. I love the excitement of announcing a new project, putting it out into the world (not just sharing with my friends) and knowing that it’s officially out there now.

One of the cool things about being an indie author is the flexibility to try new things, to experiment, to find new ways to find new friends and readers. This book is about that in a few different ways.

This is my first stand-alone novel. Back in 2023, I had a goal to write a “twisty stand-alone” and this is that. I’ve mentioned this book before under a different name, The Girl in the Hay Bale. Clearly there have been a few changes, like the title, but the book moved locations and being in a hay bale didn’t quiet make sense when I had a whole canyon in my landscape once I made the move.

The other thing that makes this exciting is that this book harkens back to my inkpop days. Back in high school, I was part of a website called inkpop. You could publish books chapter by chapter and make them live to read once you hit 10,000 words. I’m doing something similar this time – publishing the book chapter by chapter on a platform called Ream Stories. You can actually read the first few chapters there now and my plan is to make the first ten free to read (after that, I’ll have to ask you support and join).

Ream Stories is like Patreon but specifically for authors – so I’ll be adding exclusive content there, like my monthly TBR list, and announcements. There’s still my newsletter list, but this is for a little extra support and extra love. Either way, the plan is to post the first draft of this book just on Ream Stories and then go from there.

But, before any book can be read, it’s an internet rule (not really but) that there must be a cover reveal.

Lost in the Canyon

Whitney Prescott has spent twenty years trying to make herself a new person, to leave behind the little girl who survived. The only survivor of a string of kidnappings when she was eleven, Whitney has put time and space between her hometown of Canyon, where the crimes happened.

But now, it’s been twenty years, and Whitney, still reeling from her heartbreak two months ago, decides to head back home to make peace with her past and to remember the three other girls who kept her company in their last days.

And then, while back in town, the unthinkable happens: another girl goes missing. As the only survivor of the original kidnapping, Whitney’s asked to help with consulting, just in case this is the same story. While the clock runs out of time, Whitney must dig back into her own story to help find the other missing girl, all while trying to let herself move on from her story, as long as she doesn’t get lost in the canyon again, trying to help.

You can read the first three chapters online now.