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Cover Reveals // The Cassie Morgan Series

Back in fall 2015, as I was readying myself to publish The Assassin, I found myself in a pickle: I needed a book cover. I found a photo with digital rights that I ended up using, and for the longest time it was great. The Assassin came out a month before I graduated college, so I was bootstrapping everything. My 10 hour a week job was minimum wage and I was living mostly off student loans and the help of my parents.

The fact that I even found something to use as a book cover is still crazy to me, and that cover did me well for a long time. It was probably about this time last year, when it felt like I was going to make it out of the pandemic financially okay, I started thinking about new covers. My next focus in publishing is Justice and Lies, and the covers that came out years ago just don’t fit this new book. Also, I couldn’t find any more pictures in the same style to continue on the theme.

So I started looking for something new. Premade covers, made a list of possible cover designers I might want to work with, but never got around to it. Then Rhianne, a friend of mine, mentioned a new company called GetCovers and I figured why not.

So, now, five years after the last Cassie Morgan book came out, it’s time to give you some new covers.

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes right now to get these book covers done. I’ll be uploading these new covers to Amazon this upcoming weekend, so you should be able to update your books next week. I’m also working on finalizing some paperback copies, so if you want to have a copy on your bookshelf, you’ll be able to very, very soon. 

In addition to the launch of these new book covers, I’ve gone ahead and launched a Patreon. Anyone who wants to continue to support me can between book releases. 

After I finish all this, relaunching these books with the new cover, I’l head back to Justice and Lies to focus on edits for that. It really feels like there’s so much happening, but not enough time for me to get everything done.

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