Creating My Own Market

The New Adult genre is still rather new, I’d say five years at the most. There’s still a lot of shifting and trying to find out how things work in this genre. Many people would say its a romance-heavy genre, which I can see the argument.CREATING MY OWN MARKET
Well, what happens when you write a book that falls into a genre but not a market? One of the reasons I feel comfortable with self-publishing is my advertising/public relations background. This is my major and with both of these, I’ve also taken marketing classes, so I know how to phrase words to get the best results. I’ve been talking about this book for a long time now, so people know it’s coming. Word of mouth is a great market.
CREATING MY OWN MARKETBut, how do you capture the attention of someone that isn’t your friend? Well, it’ll be tricky. I’m in a unique place – you don’t see many plots like mine, and when you do, they sure aren’t targeted a college students. Some may cal this a curse, but I consider it a blessing. Not only do I get to market to college students, but mystery lovers as well. As long as I market to them correctly, I get both audiences. Win win, yes?
So much of marketing these days is to social media and I’m excited for the next few months to share how I’m building a platform and expanding my potential reach for when the book releases!

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