Creating Systems for Your Writer Life

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I took the month of March off to really reflect on what I want out of blogging, and what I want to do moving forward. The truth is, I don’t know if I came up with any answers, but I have too many ideas. One idea that I’ve really tried to focus on is this idea of creating systems for your writer life, and today, I’m laying out some plans for how to do that this month.
Creating Systems for Your Writer Life
A month or so ago, I talked about how I use Evernote when it comes to plotting my series. That itself is a system, but there are so many more systems we can create. Systems are a set of actions that you use so extensively, you don’t even think about them. actually, some of the best systems are automated, and you don’t actually have to do anything.
Over the next few weeks, I’ll talk about some systems I use to run my author life, and how to set them up. Now, you’re probably thinking, Laura, why do I need systems?
Well, for a lot of reasons, but the number one reason: when you have systems that work for you, you have more time to write. Isn’t that what being a writer is really http://nosubhealth.com/ all about? Being able to write? When you’re working a full-time job or you’re a student, time is precious (hell, it’s precious all the time, but still).
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While writing and telling incredible stories are at the core essence of being a writer, in order to build a platform as an author, you need systems and games plans.
Over the next few weeks, here’s a few topics I’ll be talking about when it comes to creating systems for your writer life:
Todoist & Project Management
Automating Social Media with Schedulers and IFTTT
Launching Your Author Website

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