Creating Unity on Your Blog

I can’t let teal go, apparently. Even when I have pretty black headers, I have to add a tad bit of it. Between the color changes and the new, retweaked home page, I’m planning to go through each page on this blog and revamp it, from the contact page (already done), to PR and the about me page.

Creating Unity on Your Blog

I also took the time to update and write some posts for Ginger + Books. My plan is to create a cohesive, clean brand that really sticks well together. I’ve started using stock photos to help with the quality of the posts, and I’m planning content ahead of time again, which feels so nice to do. The past few weeks, I’ve been struggling to come up with content ahead of time, and y’all I really feel like the blog suffers because of it.

Unity is something I’m looking for on my blog, but that made me wonder, how do you capture unity?

1. Keep Consistent Colors

All my photos feature the same three colors for text, no more, no less. I want you to see those colors together and automatically know that, yes, that is Ginger + Co.!

2. Make All Your Photos the Same Style

This is one I’ve definitely struggled with, consistent photography style, but I think I’ve finally found a style I love. I’ve been using Canva to create all my blog images and now I’m going back to update old blog posts with the same style of photos.

3. Make Sure All Your Links are Working

This one seems a little strange, but make sure your links on your blog are working. In order to create unity, you want to be able to have someone visit multiple pages and see how your blog is really working. Make sure your content is consistently styled the same way, make sure your blog and brand are easy to follow.

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What tips do you have for creating unity on your blog? 


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