Day Designer: One Month Review

For the past month and a half, I’ve been using the Day Designer and for the most part, I love it! I’m such a fan of the every day has a page layout because I pack a lot of things in my day and I write kind of big.
The cover is pretty sturdy, which I love. I have “Laura Destroys Everything She Touches” syndrome, so I appreciate things that can handle a little rough going.
The front inside has a pink pocket which I love. I’ve got a lab every week and I just stuck my scantrons in there, ready to go so I don’t have to remember them.
I also love the month pages – this is where I take my flair pens and regular pens and color code my crazy months. I also use washi tape to mark multiple day things – like going home. day-designer-page-view-682x1024
I love the top three things for the day – obviously a scantron is really important for my test today! The washi tape at the bottom is just because I love washi tape. I also love the Daily Gratitude box and that helps me with my TIGF posts. I write things I know won’t change like classes and work in pen, but I write to-do things in pencil because I never know how it’ll change. The little flag at the top is from Target – post-it makes them and I use them everywhere!
Overall, this semester has really made me get my ish together and I’m so happy I have this planner to help! If I was really organized, I’d wake up in the morning, early to plan my day, but many days it happens the night before because I am in love with my bed.
If there was one thing I wish I could change, I’d change the rings – they just don’t feel all that secure sometimes and I always have to remind myself to be careful. Besides that, I love this planner so much! I think they’re still selling January 2015 ones here.
What is your favorite planner?

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